2019 Shan_s Stationary Spinning Bike, Belt Drive & 40 lb. Flywheel Review

2019 Shan_s Stationary Belt Drive Spinning Bike

2019 NEW Shan_s Spinning Bicycle:Stationary Bike

The new release, 2019 model Shan_s Stationary Spinning Bike has a 3-piece crank design, a 40 lb. flywheel and a belt drive for a very quiet and smooth operation. It doesn’t have many ratings so far but the average is 5 out of 5 stars at the moment.

Shan_s claims to offer their customers very sturdy and durable products made of high grade materials, along with very good customer support. It weighs 52.91 pounds and measures 41 x 9 x 31 inches. You can feel safe and stable during your session on its wide anti-slip base. The pro padded seat and the handles are both adjustable for accommodating people of different heights conveniently. They can move the saddle up and down and forward and back to feel more comfortable during their longer sessions. The handle can be adjusted two ways- up and down only.

It weighs 52.91 pounds and measures 41 x 9 x 31 inches. You can feel safe and stable during your session on its wide anti-slip base. There is a small smart LED-backlit digital monitor that shows you your current speed, distance traveled, times exercised, calories burned and scan that moves between each of these indicators to help keep you focused. You can adjust your resistance level, increase or decrease your challenge and difficulty with just a quick twist of a knob. You can use the same knob for stopping quickly any time by pressing it down in case of an emergency when you can’t stop by normal means.

You can press the Mode button to choose one of the workout indicators and hold this Mode button for 4 seconds to reset. With the Scan option you can scan through each indicator without doing anything manually. The speed indicator is shown up to 999.9kph or mph and the time is up to 99.59 minutes, calorie up to 999.9 calories and distance up to 99.9km or miles. ODOmeter indicator is for the distance traveled from the first use of this bike. To activate the heart rate sensors you put the ear clip on your left earlobe and it is a good idea to rub the earlobe 10 to 15 times for a more precise reading.

2019 NEW Shan_s Spinning Stationary Bike

There is a bonus red drink bottle included with your purchase to help you stay hydrated during your session. The bike has the pro toe caged design pedals with the adjustable straps and anti-slip textured surface to keep your feet in place. It is not a foldable bike but you can move it on its front rollers. The assembly instructions on the booklet can be a little confusing.

Please check out the instructions on the Amazon product page that tells you about the assembly of stabilizer, pedals and saddle step by step. It comes with the tools for assembly but you may need extra wrenches for some of the bolts and you may need to adjust the wiring between the bike and the display panel. Customer service is reported to be good and they will respond quickly to your questions and help resolve your issues. Please note that because of the current Covid epidemic the roads are either closed or there are tougher road inspections. So you can expect your goods to arrive one or two weeks later than normal.

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