2020 OUNUO Indoor Exercise Bike w/ Belt Drive & Infinite Resistance Review

2020 OUNUO Indoor Bike w/ Belt Drive 

ounuo exercise bike

The 2020 model OUNUO Exercise Bike is an indoor stationary cardiovascular fitness unit with a bidirectional heavy duty flywheel, belt drive, infinite amount of resistance, handle pulse sensors and the LCD monitor.

It is rated 5 out of 5 stars by 3 users at the time of this product review. The large steel inertia flywheel and the belt drive ensure smooth and quiet operation. You will feel comfortable on its breathable saddle that can be adjusted four ways- forward and backward, up and down. The total user weight it can carry is 330 pounds or 150kg and you can use it comfortably if you’re between the heights of 5′ and 6’3″. You can feel safe and stable on the heavy duty steel frame during your workout.

Both the saddle and the handlebar can be adjusted to 6 levels of height for the users’ comfort level. The structure and texture of the handle and the seat will offer you comfort and help reduce the fatigue. Ounuo Exercise Bike weighs 53 pounds and measures 40L x 21W x 40H inches as assembled- is fairly compact in size and you can just put it in the corner of your room as it won’t take up much space. The built-in transportation wheels at the front will let you relocate this bike easily and effortlessly.

Small multi-function LCD display shows the distance traveled, calories burned, current speed, time exercised and pulse rate via the handle sensors. It will help monitor your heart rate and help you stay in the target zone to burn calories and fat more efficiently. You can track your exercise data, view your progress and adjust your speed etc. for a great workout. The resistance knob/bar in the middle is bidirectional and offers flexible infinite adjusting of the level of tension both clockwise and anti-clockwise. It also works as an emergency brake as you press it down for stopping safely.

ounuo exercise bike 2020 model bidirectional flywheel

You do not need to worry about disturbing the neighbors or whoever is in your house as this bike doesn’t make much noise. Ounuo Bike is easy to maintain and doesn’t need any lubrication. It is a good quality, sturdy and durable, versatile and functional cardiovascular fitness unit that can be used by people at different fitness levels and ages.

You’ll not only train your leg muscles and burn calories but will also work on your core section- abdominals, waist, buttocks and arms. You will enjoy a quieter and smoother ride than a chain-driven bike. It is shipped unassembled and the pieces are easy to be put together in just 15-20 minutes by following the directions and using the tools included. It is offered with a year of warranty and a good customer support that you can contact. We like that it is well-built, should prove robust and durable, is compact in size and functional.

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