2022 SSPHPPLIE x Pitpat StarPower 300lb. Capacity, 3.0HP Folding Treadmill Review

2022 SSPHPPLIE  300lb. 3.0HP Folding Treadmill

SSPHPPLIE x PITPAT StarPower Folding Treadmill

2022 model SSPHPPLIE x PITPAT StarPower Folding Treadmill has a compact size, powerful 3.0HP motor, LCD display and heart rate monitoring with Bluetooth band and online events for use at home or in the office. August 1, 2022 is the date it was first available at Amazon.com and is currently ranked the 79th best selling treadmill. 

You can purchase this treadmill with the yellow, black or white logo at roughly the same price or with a few dollar difference. Please check the Amazon product page for the current prices and availability of the three options, but they are exactly the same treadmills with a different color logo. It has a sturdy frame and a durable construction overall with a 300-pound total user weight capacity. It measures 56L x 23.8W x 32.5H inches and 300 pounds of total weight capacity on its robust frame is good for the majority of people. When folded it is 4 to 4.5 feet tall and will occupy 18 to 24 inches of floor space. 

With its conveniently foldable design (18.5” high as folded) and transportation wheels underneath you can store it in a convenient spot in your home or office. You can connect this smart treadmill to a mobile app, can ask Alexa to turn on the treadmill, choose any track you want and compete against other people or the athletes whenever and wherever you want. You can use the mobile app on your iOS or Android device. The app can save your usual workout stats like the calories burned, distance traveled- mileage, time exercised, pace and pulse rate through the included band with the NFC on treadmill. It also has the multiple game modes with bonuses.

StarPower 300 lb Capacity Foldable Treadmill Smart App

The SSPHPPLIE Treadmill has a 3 horsepower efficient and quiet motor that lets you walk, jog or run at the speeds between 0.6 and 7.5mph. The power source is corded electric and you need to be near a power outlet. The noise level is less than 55 decibels even when you’re running at a high speed on the tread belt that offers a low impact workout with shock absorption, protecting your knees ankles, hips and lower back. 

In the package you will find the treadmill, device holder, smart band, security lock and parts kit. Professional customer support team can be contacted for any queries or issues you may have and they will get back to you as soon as possible.  Please note that there is no incline, automatic or manual on this treadmill. You will be satisfied with it as long as you don’t have the high expectations of a high-end, commercial level and expensive treadmill. You can walk or jog on it as much as you want and as long as you don’t weigh more than 300 pounds. The average user rating is 4.3 out of 5 stars by 30 customers on Amazon.com at the time of this post release. 

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