Ab Coaster® PS500 6 Pack Core Exercise Machine Review

Ab Coaster® PS500 6-Pack Core Exercise Machine

Ab Coaster® PS500 - Original, Ultimate Core Workout, 6 Pack Ab Exercise Machine

The Ab Coaster® PS500 is a home gym system that Ab Coaster has designated as Amazon’s Choice in Home Gym Systems, with a decent 4.5-star rating on Amazon. The features, advantages, and user experiences of this highly regarded at-home ab exercise machine will all be covered in this product review.

With less strain on the shoulders, back, and neck, the Ab Coaster® PS500 claims to provide a thorough core workout. It is affordable, suitable for users of all skill levels, and has a good reputation for efficacy. Its stylish design makes it simple to assemble.

Key Features:

Recognized for its innovative, multi-award-winning design, the Ab Coaster® PS500 has revolutionized the fitness industry for more than ten years. This creative design uses a bottom-up action to target the lower abs, which are difficult to reach. Its flexibility is increased by the addition of a freestyle swivel seat, which enables users to focus on problematic love handles. This makes it a more accurate tool for abs than merely an exercise machine.

Designed with residential use in mind, the PS500 has a small, elegant form that can be placed in confined areas with ease. Its ease of use also extends to the assembly process, which is simple and stress-free thanks to the clear instructions that are supplied. Because of its all-steel design, 1.5″ rails, steel bearings, and vinyl-covered molded foam cushions, the machine is very solid and durable. Its sturdy construction guarantees stability and can support an impressive 300 pounds, making it suitable for users of various shapes and fitness levels.

The PS500 bundle goes above and beyond traditional exercise gear by including a bonus DVD, which turns it into an educational tool. This DVD offers consumers a full roadmap for their fitness journey, covering everything from assembly instructions to an entire training routine. The Fast Track Meal Plan is an additional bonus feature that supports a holistic approach to health by highlighting the critical role that nutrition plays in reaching and maintaining fitness objectives.

User Feedback:

Ab Coaster® PS500 - Original, Ultimate Core Workout, 6-Pack Ab Core Exercise

Customers have praised the PS500 for its excellent quality and solid construction. The machine’s ability to deliver a thorough workout was emphasized. Positive comments were also expressed regarding the timely resolution of a minor issue by customer support. User reports showed that the PS500 offered efficient ab exercises without putting undue strain on the back. It was observed that the swiveling seat was convenient and improved the workout experience overall.

Many customers credited regular usage of the PS500 for their accomplishments, which included inch loss and improved definition in their abs. Users emphasized that the machine provided a solid workout while being easy on the neck and back. It was especially appreciated that the emphasis was on the obliques and abdominals. Although the PS500 was favorably received overall, a 6’4″ tall user pointed out that it might not be the best option for taller people, highlighting a potential drawback for users who are much taller than average.


In summary, the Ab Coaster® PS500 stands out as a competitive option in the vast field of home exercise equipment. Its notable attributes, such as the initial design that won an award, highlight not just its historical relevance but also its continued ability to revolutionize core workouts. Its robust design, which includes all-steel parts, 1.5″ rails, steel bearings, and vinyl-covered molded foam pads, speaks volumes about its longevity and assures customers of a workout platform that will last for many years. Testimonials from users further solidify the PS500’s image, with widespread praise for its effectiveness, robustness, and intuitive design. It seems to offer good value for money.

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