AB Slim Flex Duo-Flex Technology Abdominal Trainer Review

AB Slim Flex “Duo-Flex” Ab Trainer via Amazon

AB Slim Flex Duo-Flex Technology Abdominal Trainer

AB Slim Flex with “Duo Flex” is a new abdominal trainer with a very current and innovative design that offers a very simple, quick yet an effective tool and method as well to target the core of your body- abdominals and lower back and help you tone your abs or have the flat tummy you may have always wanted, without having to do those long and painful exercises or to go on very restrictive diets you may be used to seeing. With three levels of resistance bands and the tension being generated during uploading and downloading, you will have much more challenging ab workouts (about the double intensity of what you may be used to in your daily workout routine and in half the time time thanks to these resistance bands) and you will feel it really working by dedicating just a few minutes of your time per day and your abdomen area will get slimmer and flatter with the amount of fat you will be losing. AB Slim Flex will hold your spine in a very secure position, supporting your back, head and spine very well and helping you avoid any pain on your lower back or neck and injuries.

AB Slim Flex Duo-Flex Technology Ab Trainer

You can also work your oblique muscles by moving to the left and right as it comes with a conveniently rotating seat and comfy to hold handles on the sides but as you can imagine the effectiveness of any workout will depend on how well and healthy you eat as good nutrition is at least as important as how intense or frequently you exercise. It is fairly compact and although it looks quite nice with a very modern design you can store it anywhere in your room easily as it is lightweight and fairly small as compared to those heavy and big crunch machines that you see at the large gyms. It feels quite stable with all pieces in place and this being a very well made and strong piece of equipment and the range of motion is pretty good with resistance increasing during up and down movements making things more challenging for you (quite a clever design), so you can work your core muscles comfortably every day, without the strain on your neck and back pain of some other cheap ab equipment can give you. There aren’t many reviews out on the internet yet but it already does seem like a very good value ab trainer.

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