Abcoaster Max Deluxe with Weights Review

Abcoaster Max Deluxe with Weights

abcoaster max deluxe

The latest release Abcoaster Max Deluxe is an innovative machine with an ergonomic design. It is designed for a decent abdominal workout with great results- burn fat and tone your core section.

When you do it correctly- keeping your torso 6 to 7 inches away from the front section of the unit, not leaning your upper body into the front but keeping your upper body straight and keeping a loose grip on both handles- not tight.

If you are leaned forward you can’t really get a full range of motion and not a very effective workout. You will be moving smoothly from bottom to up in a natural arc motion. With the Ab Coaster, you are creating a core contraction constantly with each repetition. It has a heavy duty steel frame and can carry a maximum user weight of up to 300 pounds.

This machine comes with a freestyle seat that moves on the upgraded arc shaped frame. It is a 1.5-inch steel rail system with steel bearings and targets the lower, center and upper abs- the whole core section of your body. It promises lean and chiseled abdominals and cut obliques. It works in a bottom-up motion working your lower, middle and upper abs and on the way back from up to down it works on the upper, middle and lower abdominals again.

It is quite easy to easy to use as long as you are in the correct posture and there won’t be any burden on your back or knees. You can also use it to work on your right and left obliques by just a simple seat twist. And alternatively, you can glide sideways for a faster ab-ripping express workout. It comes with two 5 pounds of weight plates for an extra challenge.

You will not need any experience to use the Abcoaster and is suitable for beginners or advanced- anyone at any fitness level and between the heights of 4’10” to 6’10”. It is nice to have the weights on the sides or you can put aAbcoaster Max Deluxe with Weights kettlebell between your legs for an extra challenge. The plate posts support up to 20 lbs of weights on each side.

It includes an instructions manual and a training guide that includes separate exercise and meal plans, as well as a 14-day detox program. You’ll also get two DVDs of a Complete Workout System and a Core Express Workout. You will see results much quicker if you use the Abcoaster regularly, like 20 minutes a day and follow the meal plans recommended.

The seat is comfortable with the soft cushioned- vinyl covered molded foam pads and you can have longer sessions without any discomfort or pain. It has an ergonomic design and you can target your left and right obliques by simply adjusting the kneepad. You can do side lift, forward-lift and freestyle movement with a simple adjustment.

You will get it shipped to your address partly assembled, but is easy enough to put together the unassembled parts. You will find the tools and instructions in the box. It comes with a 12 months warranty from the manufacturer and you can contact them if you encounter any issues. It has a simplistic design and the concept is rather simple but you will be getting a pretty effective abdominal workout.

The price is not very cheap, considering this is not a whole body workout machine, but it does work better than many other ab products on the market. This functions the same way as the hanging leg raises, which is hard to do for many people as they can’t maintain a proper form. It is very important to be at the right posture and you do not really have this problem with the Abcoaster.

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