ABXCORE Abdominal Exercise Device Review

ABXCORE Abdominal Exercise via Amazon

ABXCORE - Flat Abs in 7 minutes a day

Each individual is different and even their fitness and exercise needs can be different but your core is probably the most essential part of your body- for your stability and balance, no matter who you are, man or woman and at what fitness level and whatever exercise you’re doing. Abxcore aims to help you achieve those great flat abs and a stronger core and a very nice looking mid-section in just 7 minutes per day, by targeting pretty much all your abdominal muscles, especially obliques and is a lot of fun to use and you’re very likely to enjoy it. It has a compact, ergonomic and beautiful design that aims to minimise risk of injury and a solid build quality that should make it last long. It gives a bit of flexibility and for example you can lock the top and work the bottom and vice versa- you can work on each sides independently and target specific parts, resistance is adjustable (so are height and width) so you can take it easy first and make it harder gradually and it can get pretty intense as you’ll feel the burning on your abs (it can be much more intense than the ab equipments you may be using at your gym).

ABXCORE Ab Workout

You’ll get the Abxcore Ab situp and core crunch machine that is many times more effective than a crunch or ab roller, one-on-one virtual personal training and proper instructions with an easy to navigate mobile app functionality that works with both iOS and Android and a travel bag. The way Abxcore does the job is by working on all muscles on your abs- transverse abdominis, the rectus abdominis, lower back lumbar muscles, obliques, and focusing on your internal and external obliques more and preventing pressure on your neck and back. It has a simple and modern design, is lightweight and compact so you can take it out and about easily, use it anywhere you want. It will enhance your strength and endurance and will help make you leaner and tone muscles and you can work out anywhere and anytime you want with this pro level portable ab unit, it is great especially if you have a busy schedule and not enough time to go to gym so you can take it anywhere yo go as it is also very easy to use. There aren’t many customer reviews out yet as this is a recent release product but out of 6 reviews on Amazon today, it managed to score 5 out of 5 stars with very positive reviews and this shows clearly how awesome and effective this product is.

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