Akonza FID Weight Bench with Leg Extension and Preacher Curl Review

Akonza FID Flat Incline Decline Weight Bench

Akonza FID Weight Bench

Akonza FID is a solid, versatile and functional weight bench that can be used for different weight and dumbbell exercises in decline, flat and incline positions and includes a detachable preacher curl and a leg developer to let you do leg and arm exercises. So you can comfortably work on toning, strengthening and building your lower and upper body at different FID positions and angles as well as your core section- abs when you keep it at the decline position because it gives you quite a bit of flexibility with six adjustments. It becomes a multi-workout unit and you can basically do your leg curls and extensions with the detachable leg developer and your biceps with the curl bar catch on the detachable preacher curl. Akonza bench is built quite sturdy with the steel frame that measures 2 x 2 inches and maximum weight capacity of 660 pounds and powder coating that makes it resistant to scratches. The cushion is rather comfortable to sit or lie on in long sessions as it is highly dense and very thick and is covered with the Duraguard vinyl that is resistant to sweating and tearing and it includes large pads for the comfort of your ankles and knees.

Akonza FID Weight Bench with Leg Extension n Preacher Curl

Akonza FID Weight Bench measures 63.5 x 22.5 x 20.5 – 53 inches overall, shipping weight is 55 pounds, the frame has an impressive 660 lbs weight capacity so you have something quite robust here that would last you a long time, but is designed for home gym use and not for commercial gyms. You will get the FID bench (049-SE-60327) with the leg and bicep extensions, tools for putting it together and the instructions manual in the package and is reported to be simple to put together. It offers a decent base for you to do a variety of exercises in one low-cost unit that will probably save you a bit of money too, giving you a good combination of functionality and budget price. Even when you take out the leg developer and preacher curl, you have a solid and comfy weight bench with a good quality frame, good seat, and back support, that you can use for different exercises. As you see in the photos, the frame’s front base is curved outwards with the adequate width so the bench feels more stable when you’re exercising. And with the anti-slip rubber caps, the metal will not damage your floors and the bench will not move when you’re working on your entire upper body and efficiently isolate your lower body muscles. You can even use it with a squat rack if you wish to do your barbell exercises.

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