Akonza Stationary Indoor Exercise Cycling Bike with LED Display Cycling Bicycle

Akonza Stationary Indoor Exercise Bike

Akonza Stationary Exercise Cycling Bike

Akonza Stationary Exercise Bike is a hot new release home cardio product that came out on the market in mid-2017. It is offered in three colours of black, red and white that all look nice and sleek.

It has an LED display that includes the usual stats like speed, time, calories, distance, scan, as well as the pulse rate that is linked to the handle sensors. It is designed for indoor aerobic exercise use, to help you increase metabolism, burn off calories and fat, work on your different lower body muscles and abdominals, stay in shape and keep fit.

Akonza Bike is very silent during the operation thanks to the ultra-quiet, heavy and efficient flywheel. You will not have to worry about disturbing the neighbours or the members of the family. It comes with a convenient red metal bottle and a bottle holder in the middle. So you won’t need to go thirsty during your workout and can keep hydrated.

It has a robust steel frame and supports a total user weight of up to 440 pounds. It gives you the convenience of exercising whenever you want at home, without having to drive to the gym or getting out in cold and hot days. This may work, especially for those with busy work schedules or home and kids commitments.

Akonza Home Bike LED display

Akonza Stationary Bike weighs 63 pounds and measures 39.5 x 19 x 38.5 inches as assembled. In the box, you will find the Akonza Indoor Bike, a red water bottle, a small tool set and a user manual that includes the instructions. It doesn’t have a folding design but comes with the integrated wheels at the front for easier relocation and storage.

There is a manual tension knob for you to adjust the intensity and pace of your workout. And with the easy brakes, you can stop easily whenever you want- when you want to grab some water or have a little rest. The seat, the handles and aluminium alloy pedals are all adjustable for your comfort. You can move the seat both horizontally and vertically (29 to 25 inches of height) to adjust it to your height and proximity to the handlebars. So it will easily work for shorter and taller adults.

This is a sporty PU saddle with an ergonomic design and you should feel comfy on it over your longer exercise sessions. It is nice to have the smart LED display with accurate indicators, as you can keep motivated to reach your fitness goals. The 33 lb flywheel is heavy and ensures quieter and smoother rides and you will get better results by more momentum over a longer time. It has a fairly low price tag and is great value for money overall.

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