Allstar Innovations Squat Magic Home Gym Workout Review

Allstar Innovations Squat Magic Home Gym Equipment

Allstar Innovations Squat Magic Home Gym Workout

Allstar Innovations Squat Magic (30571) is an “As Seen on TV” brand new release home gym unit with an innovative design, to help you work on your lower body- thighs and different parts of legs, core section- abdominals, butt and more.

It offers a low impact type of workout and you will be getting all the benefits of the great squat exercise without any strain or burden on your joints, knees or back. Five different muscle groups will be targeted in a controlled and safe move.

It is ready to go straight out of the box, being shipped totally assembled. And you won’t need to put together any parts unlike with many other types of fitness equipment you purchase online. The height is adjustable for different people’s needs and it has three resistance levels for different levels of difficulty. It will work for shorter and taller adults and if you’re new to working out this may be a great little tool to get you started with squats. The total user weight capacity is specified as 300 pounds.

You’ll get the Squat Magic and instructions manual as well as three bonuses in the box: Secrets Workout DVD by Brenda Dygraf, New Image Health & Nutrition Guide that includes recipes to help you get results faster and a Squat Magic Wall Chart that you see in the photo with 15 exercises to help work on different parts of your body. Squat Magic has a special tilt that will place you in the right position and the patent-pending S.A.T- Squat Assistive Technology will support your butt when you’re moving down and up gently. So you do your squats at the right angle and in the perfect form.

Allstar Innovations Squat Magic King Exercises

The three different levels of resistance are offered by the adjustable resistance bands to make it easier or more challenging for you. You will put the plug in the hole and twist clockwise till it is locked in place. Then adjust the contact pad- seat to a comfy position and the unit will be angled towards you. You’ll sit down like you would in a chair and have the arrow at the base just in the middle of your legs.

How you will place the bands is explained in the instructions manual and is not difficult to work out. You can remove the orange circular tabs from the holes and put the bands to the level you want and put the tab on the empty hole. There is also a sticker on the base that shows how. It is made of lightweight yet solid and durable plastic with a resistance hose in the middle. With three levels of resistance, you can go from beginner to intermediate and advanced squatting positions on the poster with or without weights.

It is nice to have the consistent and smooth movements while squatting, being balanced with a support underneath you. Squat Magic is quite a compact and portable fitness equipment that doesn’t take up much space. We can’t say it is cheap and you will probably need other equipment as well in your home gym if you are serious about working out and getting in and keeping in shape. It is more useful for those with knee or joint issues or on physical therapy.  You can use this machine every dyad by following a healthy diet you should get results quickly.

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