ALPINE 1.7HP Folding Electric Treadmill Review

ALPINE© 1.7HP Folding Electric Treadmill via Amazon

ALPINE 1.7HP Folding Electric Treadmill

Alpine 1.7HP is an entry level but powerful and sturdy, foldable electric treadmill with a 1.7 horse power motor for those that don’t like going to gym regularly or go jogging outdoors because of very cold or hot weather so you can stay at home and walk, jog or run on this treadmill and keep in shape and healthy, so there is the convenience factor here. It has an LCD panel with multiple functions and the usual indicators of calories, time, distance, speed and level for you to monitor your progress and includes the pulse rate through the sensors on the handles that are also there for your security with its ergonomic and comfortable design (handles with padded foam) to help you keep in balance or to hold on to when you lose balance or in case of emergency, but you will generally feel safe on its heavy duty steel frame and this is a CE and RoHS Certified treadmill. It can be operated in both manual and auto modes with pre-set programs, where you can also press one of the speed buttons of 3km/h, 5kmp/h and 7km/h as the speed range is between 3 and 7 km per hour and miles per hour is not indicated on the panel and it shouldn’t be a major problem. Although it has a 1.7HP motor (110V and 60Hz) that offers decent performance for a foldable budget treadmill it doesn’t consume much electricity. It is easily assembled with instructions provided in the user manual and can be conveniently folded and rolled away on its two transport wheels.

ALPINE 1.7HP Foldable Electric Treadmill

Black Alpine treadmill measures 27.5 x 55 x 52.25 inches overall and with its compact size it will save on space even when not folded. Folded measurements are 27.5 x 23 x 54.25 inches and runway size is specified as 15.5 x 43 inches, which is adequate for a budget treadmill (may be narrow for some) and can have a maximum total weight of 240 pounds, shipping weight is 77 pounds as it is a rather heavy duty treadmill, despite having a low price tag and basic design but at least it is not large and bulky and will fit nicely in any room or home gym. You have two water bottle holders for you to keep hydrated during the workout or to put your smart phone or little belongings in and an MP3 outlet as well. It is not very loud during operation and the noise it makes will not interfere with your music or show on TV. Some of the benefits that you’ll get by using this or other treadmills regularly, combined with a healthy eating plan are: Burning calories and fat, losing weight with increased metabolism and energy expenditure, reducing blood cholesterol, enhancing blood flow, mobility of joints and strong muscles, reduced risk of certain diseases like type 2 diabetes, bone problems and osteoporosis, heart complications and high blood pressure, reduced fatigue, better endurance, improved well being and overall health. If you are on the market for a simple foldable electric treadmill at a reasonable price then this is worth looking into as it will serve most people’s needs.

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