ALPINE 1200W Folding Electric Treadmill Review

Alpine 1200W Folding Electric Treadmill via Amazon

ALPINE 1200W Folding Electric Treadmill

This is the very new release, foldable design, 1200 watt motorised electric treadmill by Alpine for running, jogging and walking, for a nice cardio workout to help you burn calories, keep in shape and be healthy by exercising whenever you want without leaving your house if you don’t have a lot of time or money to go to gym regularly or if you don’t want to run outside because of cold or very hot weather. Multi-function LED display panel shows the basic things like calories burned, distance traveled, time exercised, your current speed and level (no pulse detectors) so you can monitor your exercise progress and you can use either the manual or automatic function- there are 12 pre-set programs and 1 manual. There are no confusing buttons on the panel and you can choose from one of the five speed quick start keys of 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 kmph and you’ll see the standard red emergency switch and cord for when and if you fall off the treadmill or you can’t stop it for whatever reason. It measures 24.25 x 53 x 43.25 inches overall as assembled (and is easy to assemble as it is almost assembled out of the box), has a folding design for very convenient transportation as you can roll it away on its wheels underneath.

ALPINE 1200W Folding Treadmill Panel

And you can store it vertically in a corner or horizontally under your bed and will save you on space especially if you live in a smaller flat as it measures 24.25 x 24 x 49 inches as folded. 1200 watts (110V, 60Hz) means it is quite powerful but is reported to not consume much electricity and will help it last longer as quite a sturdy unit. It has comfortable padded foam handrails with an ergonomic design for your balance and security and has a heavy duty steel frame that will make you safe and stable when you’re jogging or running on it. We’re not sure if there are any integrated shock absorbers so be careful with the stress on joints like with most treadmill exercise. 2 water bottle holders are there for you to stay dehydrated when you’re walking (you obviously shouldn’t try to drink when you are using it at a higher speed- common sense:)) and you can put your small belongings or mobile phone in there. Speed is indicated in km per hour and not in miles per second and 13.25 x 39.25” runway size is not particularly large but adequate for the price level and the maximum weight it can carry is indicated as 240 pounds. This is a CE (European Union Conformity- EMC and Safety) and RoHS (Prevention of heavy metal use in electronics) certified treadmill and in the package you will get the Alpine Treadmill, User Manual and a Silicone Oil.

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