Alpine Lat Machine Low Row Cable Pull Down Review

Alpine Lat Machine with Lat Bar Low Row Cable Pull Down

ALPINE Lat Machine Low Row Cable Pull Down

Low cost but reliable Alpine free-weight pull down lat machine with both the high lat bar and low row cable pulley stations is designed to improve your fitness level, for endurance, strength and muscle building, while burning calories and fat if you’re aiming to lose weight by turning fat into muscles gradually, developing leaner overall upper body but particularly the back and triceps by doing exercises like seated rows, tricep press downs, lat pull downs, standing bicep cable curls, upright rows and others. So you can do a good variety of exercises by using the right attachments as well- you will get two attachments- a 41.5 inch lat bar and an 18 inch low row bar are included anyway. You will be able to focus on your forearms, shoulders, lats, traps, triceps and biceps- target your entire upper body in an efficient and safe way. It has the textured rubber hand grips for a decent workout, bushings made of nylon and sealed ball bearing pulleys will ensure much smoother workout sessions, 8.5 x 12 inch seat is adjustable for height between 16.25 x 19.25 inches and the comfy multi-position foam rollers will lock you- help keep you in correct position for when you’re doing the high pulley workout.

ALPINE Lat Bar Low Row Cable Pull Down

Black Alpine Lat Machine has a standard and simple but ergonomic design, with the powder coated finish that is applied electro-statically as anti-slip covering, is designed to last a long time, being made of heavy duty steel construction with heavy gauge frame and foot support. It weighs 64 pounds, can have a maximum weight load of 395 pounds, and measures 24 x 48 x 76.5 inches (69 inch lat bar height and 6.5 inch weight peg) and it will not occupy a lot of space in your home gym. You will need the standard weight plates (not olympic) to use with this unit though, which you can get with your purchase on In the package you will find the main lat machine, a low row bar, a 41.5” lat bar, an 18” low row bar, tools and instructions manual to help you put it together because it is not shipped totally assembled. As you may be already aware this is a reasonable and decent lat pulldown and low row cable machine that seems quite functional and versatile but being a budget priced one at a fraction of what some other commercial grade models cost, it is for home gym use only and will not carry the burden of tens of people using it every day.

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