AMAZON MaxiClimber SPORT with IEAS Review

Amazon MaxiClimber Sport with IEAS

AMAZON MaxiClimber SPORT with IEAS

The brand new release Amazon MaxiClimber Sport comes with IEAS, which stands for “The Integrated Elastic Assisted System” and a special sports bio technology to help maximize your results in the shortest time possible.

It is an easy to use and versatile unit and the IEAS conveniently lets you adjust the vertical climber for assistance during your workout. Amazon MaxiClimber with IEAS is offered in three colors of blue, purple and red, all with the same price tags. Whicever color you choose, you’ll get a challenging full-body workout on different muscle groups of your lower and upper body and core section.

It combines resistance and cardiovascular training, helps you burn calories and fat, strengthen and tone your muscles without needing to get out of the comfort of your home. You can actually expect to burn up to twice as many calories in each workout in the same amount of time than the other cardio machines as you’ll be involving all muscles of your body in a rather challenging routine. And you have the 45 percent post-workout effect, giving your the maximum results from your workout.

You will be using the same movements as the outdoor rock climbing and get a lean body with muscled legs and hard, solid abdominals and strong arms- biceps and triceps. And these will be accomplished without any burden on your joints- ankles or knees as part of a low impact exercise. It offers three levels AMAZON MaxiClimber SPORT of resistance and challenge and comes with the assistance bands as part of the IEAS.

MaxiClimber with IEAS will be shipped mostly assembled (like 90%) but is easy to put together with no extra parts required. You’ll just put some screws on and start using it in a matter of a few minutes. It weighs 33 pounds and measures 57 x 10 x 6 inches, is compact, lightweight and durable and easy to store with its vertical design. You can put it in your closet, under your bed or in any corner of your room.

You’ll get a rather intense workout from head to toe by just using your body weight and resistance, which makes it even safer to use. You will get the HIIT- High Intensity Interval Training routines with the MaxiClimber Companion Fitness application. And they will help you burn maximum amount of calories in the shortest amount of time possible. You’ll be able to monitor your progress throughout the 3-week maxi-challenge program and the healthy eating plan with 80+ recipes included. It offers great value for money and we do not hesitate to recommend it, due to the simple fact that it is more durable and stable than the competitor models on the market.

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