Ancheer 2.25HP Folding Electric Treadmill with Damping Design Review

Ancheer Folding Electric Exercise Treadmill

Ancheer 2.25 Folding Electric Exercise Treadmill

Ancheer Electric Treadmill is powerful and heavy duty / commercial grade with a 2.25 horsepower motor and a folding design for indoor- home, gym or office use. It has some special features like the Level 6 damping design on the 1.8mm thick running belt of multiple layers (anti-slip, strengthen, shock absorption, silencer, and support layers) of EVA composite with its anti-static and anti-slip lawn texture that is also very solid and sturdy for both security and comfort.

You will be able to run at speeds up to 8mph or walk as slow as 0.5mph (1.0-14km/h speed range) and it will run quietly throughout your exercise session- you will hardly hear a thing. Despite its heavy-duty construction and 265-pound shipping weight, the black Ancheer treadmill has a space saving hydraulic folding design (can be folded and carried on transport wheels easily and is easy to store) and measures 68.2 x 58.5 x 22.6 inches as assembled and 32.7 x 38.6 x 52.8 inches as folded. It has a large multifunctional smart computer LCD display panel that shows the distance, speed, time, calories burned and 12 different preset programs (P1 to P12). This is a versatile treadmill for walking, jogging or running purposes.

Ancheer Folding Electric Exercise Treadmill

You will find the extra features that will come in handy and that you won’t find in cheaper / budget models, such as the Bluetooth app, a modest speaker, MP3 connection and automatic lubrication system. You can set it to two incline positions conveniently- lift or lower the deck with the hydraulic spring easy lift assist for a bit more challenge during your workout, when you’re trying to burn calories and lose weight, to improve your cardiovascular endurance and your performance when you’re on the real road and it will also help improve your heart health at faster speeds. 

You have a generous walking, jogging or running area of 47 x 16.4 inches and it will feel both comfortable with the conveniently located absorbers on the sides and safe on its steel frame and solid build overall, beyond the standards set in the fitness industry and the customer support is good. This is a great value, very well put together treadmill if you want the better quality with more solid build and comfort without the super fancy features you may not need. This is a brand new unit and even though made in Asia it is stocked in US, you will get very fast delivery. It is also offered with three years of warranty as a solid proof of its superior quality, which is also good on other Ancheer units we reviewed so far but this one is in a higher category.

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