Ancheer Adjustable Folding Sit-Up Bench with Dumbbells and Speed Ball Review

Ancheer Adjustable Folding Sit-Up Weight Bench 

Ancheer Fully Adjustable Folding Gym Weight Bench Dumbbell With Speed Ball

Ancheer Decline Sit-up Bench is foldable, portable and adjustable and comes with a spring speed ball, two small 2 pound dumbbells and a rope to work mostly on your upper body and core section / abs. Even though it looks like a compact and lightweight bench that would be suitable for home use, it is made of great quality steel and has a thick padding and with a maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds, designed for your basic but effective exercise sessions indoors- at home or commercial gym. You will be targeting your coordination and reaction with the speed ball for punching exercises with a 6.2 inch diameter (you’ll find a needle in the pump to help blow up the ball) and improve the velocity and precision. It has a good support for the natural curve of your lower back so as to limit the risk of back injuries. If you’re new to working out, like with any fitness equipment it is a good idea to start out slower with less reps in each session then you can slowly increase it to what your body can handle. This is a decline sit-up ab bench with an adjustable leg height that makes this unit good for people between 3.2” and 6’2” tall (much taller people can also use it).

Ancheer Fully Adjustable Folding Gym Weight Bench Fitness Dumbbell With Speed Ball

Black and red Ancheer Weight Bench is made of good quality steel and ABS, with dimensions of 48 x 11.9 x 25.4 inches (18.3 inch height with a maximum of 25.4 inch), with each seat measuring 19.7 x 11 x 1.8 inches, is a multifunctional bench that can be used for different ab and upper body exercises. If you do crunches on the floor this will make you get more muscles involved and you will notice the difference as soon as you start using it and you can also use it for legs if you get creative but is not designed specifically for legs. It is nice and convenient that you can just fold it and put it away to a good corner of your room. In the box you will find the sit-up bench, two dumbbells, a speed ball, a pump and the user manual with two year warranty. This is a good quality, sturdy, solid and versatile fitness equipment that lets you do different exercises and will last you quite some time. It is sent unassembled but you’ll get the tools on the photo and clear and simple instructions for easy assembly and will be shipped swiftly via, being a US stock, unused and brand new. Warranty offered is two years as a decent back-up of its quality.

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