Ancheer Full Body Vibration Platform Fitness Massage Machine Review

Ancheer Full Body Vibration Platform via Amazon

Ancheer Full Body Vibration Platform

Ancheer Vibration Platform is a 200 watt power (110V and 0-12mm amplitude) fitness and massage unit with three preloaded programs, adjustable speed and time with speed range between 0-99 levels. It can carry a maximum user weight of 350 pounds and offers strong vibration for both exercise and therapeutical purposes as more scientific studies demonstrate the positive impact the vibration platforms can have on your health (increased muscle strength and toning, overall fitness levels, bone density, enhanced blood circulation, reduced cellulite) with the correct use on a regular basis. So it is not really just a new trend but something real with a variety of real benefits but the claim that 10 minutes on these machines would equal to an hour of conventional exercise or jogging? We’re not so sure about that. It is good to have different vibration levels (plus speed and time) as different people will require different strength for their needs or you will want to vary the intensity of your workout or massage and it is nice to easily optimise your workout- explore the best one for you.

Ancheer Full Body Vibration Platform Fitness Massage Machine

This is a compact and portable vibration platform made of solid plastic and rubber, that you can easily carry it around or take it out with you as it measures 25.7 x 12.6 x 5.5 inches, which also means it is easy to store and looks good in black if you will have it in your living room. This one costs much less than other vibration platforms on the market (some of them in the thousands) without the extra settings, features or bells and whistles of those units, but is convenient and easy to use and seems to do the job well with some users claiming to feel the effects after first use. It includes a 58.5 inch cable, an elastic rope, a plug, an accessory pack and a functional remote control that works with two AAA batteries and an Instructions Manual. If you have certain health problems that restrict you from the type of exercises you can perform then this is a good one to consider and you will feel tension on your muscles like you’re exercising and will not put much stress on your joints and body, will help with recovery from your workout at the gym or pain you may have. This is a brand new product, stocked in United States and is shipped quickly via Amazon.

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