Ancheer Mini Exercise Bike Pedal Arm Leg Exerciser Review

Ancheer Mini Exercise Bike via Amazon

Ancheer Mini Exercise Bike Pedal Arm Leg Exerciser Cycle Peddler Trainer

Here is the multi-functional, portable and compact exercise bike by Ancheer that is designed for exercising your legs and arms and as a compact unit it can sit on the floor or on a tabletop and is suitable for use at home or in the office. It has a five function LCD display panel that works on a AAA battery, and shows the standard indicators of time, calories, distance, speed and scan. This Ancheer is a great solid and safe mini exercise bike that will give your legs and arms a great gentle and low impact workout, strengthen and tone your leg, core and arm muscles and stimulate blood circulation in your body. It is kind of a gentle and low key workout when you first start using it and with the ability to change the resistance level through the tension knob conveniently located in the middle at the front you can increase or decrease the challenge as you wish. In the box you shall get the Compact Exercise Bike, Computer with LCD display, Holder for the computer and a User Manual. The AAA battery needed to make the LCD display run is not included in the package and the unit requires minimal assembly. Orange and black Ancheer Mini Bike is made of solid plastic and metal and is built to last quite a while but you still shouldn’t be too rough with it.

Ancheer Mini Exercise Bike Pedal Arm Leg ExerciserShipping weight is just under 25 pounds and as assembled it measures 23.4 x 15.6 x 11.3 inches (feels kind of solidly built but not too heavy so it is easy to move around the house or office and doesn’t occupy much space), has pedals of 3.5 x 2.5 x 1.2 inches each, a computer + panel of 2.5 x 3 x 1.2 inches and has a cable that is 36.7 inch long. Despite being a bike that is mostly used for different leg muscles it will actually work your abs- core area that most people wish to be toned. It is very simple to use, runs smoothly and quietly and sits safely on the floor or on your desk on its solid rubber feet with strips that will prevent slipping and also includes solid straps on pedals for your feet. This is like sent from heaven for lazy couch potatoes and as most modern day office or home office workers most of us work in front of computers and this is quite a unique invention that will make you exercise when you’re working at your desk all day. It will actually make you concentrate more on your work and you can use it as much as you want throughout the day as it is designed to withstand longer and heavier cycling. Like other Ancheer products this model is also stocked in United States and it will be shipped very fast via Amazon.

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