Ancheer Running Folding Treadmill Review

Ancheer Running Folding Treadmill via Amazon

Ancheer Running Folding Treadmill Exercise Machine

Ancheer Running Folding Treadmill is a great solid, manual, entry level fitness / cardio exercise equipment with basic specs and features and a decent robust build quality. It has a modern design and looks nice in white and black, measures 19 x 24 x 50 inches with a runway size of 39.75 x 13.5 inches and the maximum user weight it can have is 300 pounds and the height is adjustable to give you an easier or more challenging cardiovascular workout. Although it is not an automatic electric powered treadmill it comes with a heavy duty flywheel for quieter and smoother and more efficient operation and is not just a walking treadmill, you can comfortably run without going outdoors. Ancheer treadmill has a portable foldable design and transport wheels to be wheeled away to a good corner of your room or house- easy mobility. It is good for walking, jogging and running and is powered by how fast you walk or run on the runway (PVC running belt)- your leg power and not electricity, which will also save you on power bills.

Ancheer Running Folding Treadmill

You’ll see a basic but functional LCD panel- digital display with a green button to help you track your progress, that shows distance, time, speed and calories but not the pulse rate as this is more of a no-thrills budget treadmill. It is made of stainless steel and with foam handrails for your comfort and to give you balance when you need it during your walking or running session and there is even an emergency stop switch for when you have to stop and can’t on your own. If you don’t have money to spare for a gym membership or no time to get to gym or exercise outdoors in winter conditions or is simply more convenient for you to have something at home to help you burn off calories and fat, keep fit and in shape and healthy overall then this is a good quality entry level manual treadmill that looks a little more premium and feels sturdier than its price suggests. So although there aren’t many product reviews out yet online as this is a very recent release product, it is already one of the better selling treadmills on This is another great home fitness product by Ancheer- a manual treadmill which is made in China (with a Chinese user manual on the photo) but the model you see on this page and is US stock so it will be shipped quickly from the current available stock.

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