ANCHEER S6500 Treadmill with Rotatable Touch Screen and App Control K5 Review

ANCHEER S6500 Treadmill with Rotatable Touch Screen 

ANCHEER S6500 Treadmill App Control Rotatable Touch Screen

Ancheer S6500 K5 is a modern 2017 release treadmill with a high definition rotatable advanced LCD touch display with App Control. It is a very sturdy treadmill that runs quietly (not louder than a standard gym treadmill) and offers a variety of features that you can control on this very modern and smart display panel.

On the rotatable LCD touch screen, you will see the accurate measurements of stats like distance, time, calories, speed, incline and heart rate connected to the hand grip pulse sensors. You have the easy access touch buttons for Prog, Mode, Start/Stop, 10% and 5% incline. You can use the App Control function on the touch display by downloading the Sportage and SmartTreadmill software on your Android and Apple iOS phones and tablets in Google Play Store or App Store.

And with Bluetooth, you can see your health report and interact with the digital personal trainer. This enables you to customize your own personal training plan, by controlling the treadmill via your smart phone. It measures 51 x 59.3 x 29.1 inches, with a running belt that is 45.6 x 16.9 inches wide, which is more than adequate for most people. It sits on a commercial level compact structural steel and has a user weight capacity of 264 pounds. And there are running belt adjusters on both corners of the running belt.

Unlike other fitness machines you purchase online or at the shops, this brand new Ancheer treadmill does not need you to do any assembly. And straight after you take it out of the packaging, you can expand and put it on the floor, plug it in and start using it in a matter of 5-10 seconds. With its conveniently expandable and foldable design, you may fold it by lifting and pushing the running belt easily towards the display panel. Ancheer S6500 has a space saving design and measures 59.2 x 29.1 x 19.5 inches as folded. You can put it in a vertical position against a wall.

Ancheer K5 Treadmill Display s6500

You’ll find a number of useful functions on the LCD display panel including time setting, task setting, multiple mode settings, system free updates, share with mates and single-touch Start/Stop on mobile. To get a current heart rate readout you just need to put your thumb on the hand grip pulse sensors on both sides. So you can stay in your target heart rate zone. It has a motor power of between 0.85 and 2.5 horsepower (110 Volts of voltage).

You can walk, jog or run between the speeds of 0.62 and 9.2 miles per hour but you will see km/h on the display panel: (1 – 14.8 km/h). You have a total of 15 incline levels that you can adjust through the control panel, with the 10-15 levels defined as mountaineering mode for burning about 750 calories in half an hour, 5-9 levels as climbing (450 calories) and the 1-4 levels (250 calories) as flat road mode. Treadmills are not known for a particularly low-impact workout but this one has the advantage with the Air Cushioning Damping System.

It has an advanced anti-static and anti-slip lawn texture running surface that sits on five solid layers for density, elasticity, and strength. One thing we noticed is that it doesn’t have a cup holder where you can put your water bottle or small items like your mobile phone. It holds a variety of certifications including CB, IEC, ROHS, CE, and EN957. Being US stock the K5 Treadmill is shipped swiftly via, and you will get three years of warranty for the motor and two years for the frame and decent customer support. So overall, it appears to offer quite a lot for how much it costs and is certainly good value for money.

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