Anself Elliptical Trainer with Magnetic Flywheel Review

Anself Elliptical Trainer with 8.8lb Magnetic Flywheel 

Anself Elliptical Trainer 8.8 lb Magnetic Flywheel Pulse

Anself (Orbitrac, with seat) is a modern, hot new release, sturdy and compact elliptical trainer for an efficient cardiovascular workout at home. It is durable enough for home use- for home gyms but is not suitable for use by tens of people every day in commercial gyms. It offers 8 different resistance levels via the resistance dial provided in the middle so you can have as much challenge as you wish- by decreasing and increasing the resistance as you go but it is always a good idea to start out slow for warming up properly before the real session. You’ll see the pulse sensors on small handles in the middle with the pulse indicator on the small LCD screen that also shows the distance, calories burned, time, speed and scan that shows each of these indicators one by one every 10 seconds or so. And it will come in handy having this information in front of you automatically while you’re working out. The poles can be adjusted to 4 different heights so you have the ideal position for a great upper body workout and power from your feet to the large anti-slip pedals for walking or exercising. 

Anself Elliptical Trainer 8.8 lb Magnetic Flywheel and Pulse

Black and silver Anself Elliptical Trainer is made of both metal and solid plastic, it measures 36.1 x 16.4 x 50.1 inches and as a compact but robust, solid and heavy duty unit, maximum user weight it can carry is 242.5 pounds. You will get it to your address pretty quickly as is often the case via but unassembled and you will need to put it together with the instructions included in the box. You will experience a quiet and smooth session with the precision-balanced 8.8-pound flywheel and magnetic resistance and this bike will not need any regular maintenance even if it is used every day by different family members. Your floors will not be damaged as it has the convenient rubbers underneath that also prevents slipping so you feel safe during your session. You’ll find the two small transport wheels in front of the front bottom bar so you can move the unit easily from room to room in your house. You won’t hear any noise thanks to the belt transmission with a quiet and smooth operation and you can watch your TV and listen to music comfortably. The heading on mentions a seat but we can not locate it on photos and there aren’t any customer reviews out, then we’şş find out more about the product. 

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