AOMAS Mini Elliptical Machine w/ Resistance Bands Review

AOMAS Mini Compact Elliptical Machine

AOMAS Mini Elliptical Stepper

AOMAS Mini Elliptical Machine is a whole body low impact compact aerobic exercise equipment with an adjustable magnetic resistance, that is designed for indoor home or office use.

It is actually a mini stepper that turns into an elliptical with the included resistance bands. You can adjust the resistance to 8 different levels for more or less challenge depending on what you need during your session. There is even a small electronic LCD display with a single white button that shows you the time exercised- duration and the calories burned and that lets you monitor your sports data and keep on track.

This upgraded multi-functional stepper elliptical has an innovative ultra-smooth four track design with the U-groove rollers for higher load capacity and offering stability during your workout. The elliptical track runner offers a low impact workout by which your knees or ankles are not hurt. There is the ergonomic trajectory that protects your knees from the force during your cardio workout. You can control your exercise intensity by adjusting the resistance to 8 levels with the tension adjustment handle and using the 3 sports modes.

The durability of this mini elliptical equipment is enhanced by the upgraded four track design. And you can work out in the sitting or standing positions. You have different training options, with also the included resistance bands. Magnetic forces on this mini elliptical decreases the vibrations and the noise. And so that you will not disturb anyone in your home or your neighbors. If you are watching a video or listening to music, you will not be distracted by the machine’s noise which is less than 20 decibels at its highest.

AOMAS Mini Elliptical Machine

It has the rubber anti-slip base underneath and there won’t be any damage to the floor because of frictions. You don’t have to plug this equipment to a power outlet and you’re free to move it around by holding its handle and use it wherever you want. This makes the Aomas Mini Elliptical more friendly to the environment and there are no wires and no limitations.

With the great all-in-one structure of this compact unit, there is no complicated assembly and you don’t need to worry about losing any parts. You can store it easily in a convenient spot in your bedroom, in your closet or under your bed. It comes with a year of warranty and the customer support team will get back to your questions within 24 hours. Being only a recently released fitness product there is a single 5-star rating at To sum up, we are happy to recommend this flexible, versatile, ergonomic and durable mini stepper elliptical machine.

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