Apelila Stationary Spinning Exercise Bike Review

Apelila Stationary Spinning Exercise Bike

Apelila Spinning Stationary Exercise Bike

The modern stationary spinning bike by Apelila is a budget priced model with a quiet and smooth belt drive for indoor home use. Despite its low price it comes with a variety of user-friendly features and bonuses like the LED display for tracking performance, a smartphone holder, a water bottle holder and a red metal bottle and a mat to put under the bike.

There is a red tension knob right in the middle for you to adjust the resistance or the level of challenge. If you turn it clockwise you’ll increase the resistance and turn it counterclockwise to decrease the resistance. You can use it as a brake know by pushing it down when you need to stop the bike immediately.  As a sturdy spinning bike with a steel frame it can support a maximum user weight of 335 pounds.

The small smart electric LCD-backlit display has the indicators like distance traveled, calories burned, time exercised, current speed, odometer, scan and pulse rate linked to the right and left handles. The black and red Apelila Spin Bike has a heavy-duty steel frame, weighs roughly 55 pounds and measures 37.41 x 18.9 x 35.04 inches. It has a premium look and feel and a large comfy soft seat with a breathable thick padding.

Apelila Stationary Spinning Bike

The seat is adjustable for height and distance from the panel (forward, back, up and down) and the handles are adjustable for height (up and down). It has a comfortable and ergonomic road bike design and will offer a certain amount of comfort during your longer workout sessions. There is a smooth belt drive and a sturdy and durable good size flywheel for you to feel like you’re riding on the road, smoothly and quietly. You’ll feel safe and stable with the four legs fixed on the ground and there is no shaking during your workout.

With the integrated transport wheels you can move it easily between the rooms in your house, once you’re done with your workout. It is shipped usually swiftly via Amazon.com and you will get the spin bike, instructions for assembly and operation, red mat you see in the photo for you to put underneath the bike and the aluminum water bottle. So you do not need to dismount and mount each time you are thirsty and you’ll stay hydrated during your workout. Like with any fitness equipment you purchase on the internet or at the shops this one also requires assembly by you. But it is not difficult to do, especially if you have another person helping you out. It offers great value for money overall!

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