Armaid, Fix Your Own Arms Review

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Armaid Fix Your Own Arms

Armaid is a new, innovative, simple and affordable self-therapy tool that offers a very efficient and unique technique to help you fix your own arms- heal your hand and arm or maintain their health by using the power of Trigger-Point Therapy and Deep Tissue Massage- by stretching the muscles. It is actually claimed to be quite an effective and high quality, professional grade product that is designed carefully for relief from repetitive strain injury that is the common headache of millions of Americans- injury prevention, forearm fatigue, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome (the most common RSI), tennis and golfer’s elbow, writer’s cramp, other repetitive strain injuries- RSI’s, if you’re suffering from burning, numbness, fatigue, pain and tingling or trigger points (very sore and tight spots) on your arms, hands, wrists or elbows and if you happen to put a bit of strain on your hands or arms often when you’re exercising or at your job and you end up not being able to perform your tasks and the treatment by docs are not doing much and you’re asked to just rest. You may have also tried or wanted to try acupuncture, cortison injections, massage sessions and even surgeries but they turned out quite expensive or not so effective.

Armaid, fix your own arms technique

In the Armaid package you will find the grey roller, white roller and permanent support roller, a Neoprene Leg Strap and an instructional DVD. It is made in USA, comes with a 10 year warranty by the manufacturer as it is built quite sturdy for rigorous use, a 30 day money back guarantee and decent customer support which includes live Skype calls with a therapist. You may have seen a few RSI treatment products before and they may not have proved effective but this one appears to be promising and is offered with a 30 day money back guarantee. You don’t have to visit a therapist or acupuncturist over several sessions and you can give yourself the RSI treatment you need for ten to fifteen minutes each day and perhaps even see better results so although the price tag may seem a little high at first, it costs a lot less than traditional treatment methods when you think about it. You have total control over the pressure your put on your arms and hands unlike with a massage therapist and despite its weird shape it is reported to be quite user friendly, therapeutically beneficial and helpful and will improve your range of motion and strength on the problematic part. We don’t have the product on hand but based on research on product features and reviews by people that own it, Armaid seems quite a decent value product.

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