Axis-Plate Vibration Pro Whole Body Exercise Platform Machine Review

Axis-Plate Vibration Pro Exercise Platform Machine

Axis-Plate Vibration Pro Whole Body Exercise Platform Machine

Black Axis-Plate Vibration Pro is currently one of the better selling whole body vibration platforms on, ideal for home use but at professional grade, with the power of a 1000W motor, 50 different speeds and great functions and features, as it is designed for both therapy and exercise and offered at a greatly reduced price. It has a very large 21 x 14.5 inch anti-slip nicely textured base plate and a solid and sturdy heavy duty construction that makes it run smoothly with user weight up to 330 pounds of user weight easily and conveniently. You’re offered a total of fifty different speeds and three automatic pre-set programs and it will all feel a little more professional than other vibration platforms. It is easy to operate and with a proper customer manual you should be able to get into it really quickly. You can monitor your performance and progress easily as the multifunctional LCD display panel shows your current speed, time passed, speed adjustments, 3 integrated preset programs and Body Mass Index- BMI with the information received from the fat sensors on both long handles of the unit that are also comfy to hold as they are nicely padded. It is quite stable and will not move when it vibrates even at the highest speed, your floors will not get damaged thanks to the non-marking caps underneath and the platform comes with transport wheels to move it around in your house easily.

Axis-Plate Vibration Pro Whole Body Exercise Platform

Axis-Plate Vibration Pro is not really lightweight with a shipping weight of 86 pounds and not small in size with dimensions of 28.5 x 29 x 47.5 inches- safe and stable but not really bulky. Reported benefits include improving blood circulation, opening up the capillaries, lymph flowing, overall relaxation with massage, toning and strengthening your body, burning calories and losing weight but this will depend on they type of exercises- lunges, push-ups etc. and your eating habits, so it may be ideal for those that don’t want to get to gym all the time but it is best if you combine this with your gym workout sessions for muscle recovery as well and you will see yourself getting leaner and fitter. It runs at a max frequency of 75Hz with 7.4G G Force rating, 50 variable speeds are good for those that are just starting out with vibration plates and they can move up gradually by time and experience- do a few minutes a day at slower speeds first and best if you do not wear shoes when you’re on it. This is a solid, powerful, nice looking, functional and versatile vibration platform with a variety of features and an easy to read LCD panel at a very reasonable price. It is made in China like a great percentage of products these days and in the package you will get the Vibration Pro, a grounded power cord (120V) and tools and instructions manual for assembly as it will not arrive totally assembled.

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