AyeKu Real Wood Water Rowing Machine w/ Kinomap & iconsole+ App Review

AyeKu Real Wood Water Rowing Machine 

AyeKu BRW-00BN is a black walnut water rower in genuine solid wood with LCD display, Bluetooth, Kinomap and Iconsole apps and water resistance for unisex adult use in home gyms. You’ll get an electric pump included with your purchase, to use for the water tank.

You have three color options with slight differences, black walnut, red walnut (BRW-001RN) and white oak (BRW-001OAK). And please refer to the Amazon.com product page for the current price differences. AyeKu Wood Water Rower weighs 65 pounds and measures 81.88L x 20.08W x 22.44H inches. It is easy to store in an upright position as it takes up only 3.5 sq. feet of space. The total recommended user weight capacity is 300 pounds on its robust and durable frame. Real solid hard wood walnut is used on this AyeKu Water Rower and you can expect great stability and durability with many long years of use.

The seat glides smoothly and quietly on the track of two alloy rails and the rower frame absorbs the vibration and noise successfully, allowing a quiet operation. With the multi angle rotation rowing on the AyeKu Rower gets around 84% of your muscles involved, not just your back but also your legs- lower body, core section abdominals, arms- triceps & biceps and more. You have the virtual scene Scensario Simulation Training with the Iconsole+ & Kinomap apps that is available on your AyeKu Water Rower. This is quite popular in America and you can make use of great workouts in the comfort of your home.

The customisable LCD-backlit display lets you use 3 modes for managing your workout, including the manual interval custom and target. It offers a great low impact yet powerful workout that will not be much of a burden on your joints, ankles, knees, hips or lower back. It will help increase your metabolism, burn calories and fat, strengthen and tone muscles. The resistance level will depend on the amount of water in the tank and how hard you pull the handle. You can row harder and faster for more resistance and less for going slower with less resistance.

AyeKu Water Rowing Machine has a very strong leak-proof water tank, rough leather grip, variable speed oar, rotatable supporter, 3D ergonomic soft saddle, alloy slide rail in gold, wheels stander and adjustable feet pedal. You’ll get it shipped to your address in two packages which may arrive on separate days. But please make sure you get both of them before starting to put the pieces together. It isAyeKu Rowing Machine Rower easy to assemble with the tools and the instructions included in the package.

You’ll get an electric pump, water purification powder, smartphone bracket and user manual included with your purchase. Wood log of black walnut trees in North America is used in the manufacturing of this modern rower and all wood is harvested from replenishable forests. You’ll get a warranty of two years by the manufacturer and good customer service that shall get back to your queries within 48 hours. September 15, 2021 is the date this hot new release rowing machine was first available at Amazon.com. And it seems to be very good value for the dollar.

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