Balance 1 Slide Board- 70 inch Review

Balance 1 70 inch Slide Board via Amazon

Balance 1 Slide Board 70 inch

This is the recent release 70 inch (5’10” – 178cm) Balance 1 Slide Board with lycra shoe sleeves for sliding exercises in your home gym for a great whole body- and especially the lower body and core training on its very smooth surface that is specially formulated and designed to give you better results, also helped with the lycra shoe sleeves what will snug against your shoes. It is quite a high quality “Made in Taiwan” sliding board that is made of smooth and durable PP- Polypropylene material and stiff and solid rubber end bumpers / stops which also ensure the correct positioning of feet at the start and finish or every stride. It is very easy to use after a bit of practice and getting used to, and is highly portable- simple to take anywhere you go as you will just roll it and put it in your bag (easy to travel with as the shipping weight is 4.6 pounds and our guess is this is roughly 24 inches wide like the other 6’ models) and will not occupy much room at all if you live in a small flat or put it away and store it easily.

Balance 1 Slide Board 70-inch

Balance 1 Slide Board has the anti-slip bottom so it will stay put when you’re sliding on to keep fit and healthy but you probably don’t want to use it on a carpet (slippery on the board but not underneath). It is a great quality and affordable multi-functional fitness equipment that you can do flies, shoulder press, push ups, lunges, lateral slides, mountain climbers, ab rolls and other exercises on- quite a bit you can do if you get creative as it is a different way to work out. For athletes it will help build the strength, agility, endurance and obviously the lateral power they may need for the ice, field or court, giving them that extra competitive edge. If you’ve had physical therapy before, the health professionals may have given you exercises that felt like skating and sliding and if you have bad knees or joints and suffer from things like arthritis this may be a good little fitness equipment to look into. This is mostly adequate for shorter and taller people but if you are very tall with longer legs you may want to consider the longer- 8 feet or 10 feet models on Amazon through the links on this page although they will cost at least 50 to 60 percent more.

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