BalanceFrom Cast Iron 300 Pound Olympic Weight Set with a 7Ft Barbell Review

BalanceFrom Cast Iron 300 Pound Olympic Weight Set

BalanceFrom Cast Iron Olympic Weight

BalanceFrom Cast Iron Olympic Weight is a 300-pound barbell weight set with a 7 feet long Olympic barbell, 255lbs total solid cast iron plates, two clips and 28mm knurled grip. This number one release strength training product first became available at on June 14, 2022 and is ranked the 26th best seller among the Strength Training Plates and there is a single rating of 5 stars so far.

You can purchase this weight set in two styles and colors of black or grey with the same price tag on the say of this short product review. Please check out the product photos to see the design difference. The Olympic barbell has the knurled grip and the grip size is 28mm. The solid cast iron weights included in this 300-pound set are a 7 feet long Olympic barbell (45lbs), 2 x 45lb, 2 x 35lb, 2 x 25lb, 2 x 10lb, 4 x 5lb and 2 x 2.5lb and the total weight capacity is 700 pounds for the bar. You have the different knurling positions and length on the bar for your safety and convenience.

 The solid cast iron plates come with a 2-inch hole in the centre (a 2” inner ring) to be used with any Olympic bar with a diameter of 2 inches or less. You can use these weights with the 2-inch dumbbell bars too. There are three large openings with the strips on the grey plates to allow easier grip. The weight plates have the sturdy and durable, black baked enamel finish for preventing any corrosion, rusting or strange odors. You can perform a variety of resistance and endurance training exercises by using this weight set, including bench presses and squats and increase balance and flexibility.

BalanceFrom Cast Iron Olympic Weight

The plates’ diameters are different for each size. The weight plates have the deep edges for an easy grip and for you to have a comfy workout as you change the weights easily. All these plates have the pound and kg labels for your convenience. This Olympic weight bar and plates would work well in any home gym and may help you reduce your monthly gym expenses. The price seems quite competitive for an Olympic size weight package and it seems to offer good value for money. You’ll get them shipped to your address in multiple packages and everything in good condition and brand new. Please feel free to contact the customer support for any queries or issues you may have. 

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