Bar2Fit Wall Mounted Pull-Up Chin-Up Dip Bar Ab Workout Station Review

Bar2Fit Wall Mounted Pull-Up Chin-Up Dip Station

Bar2Fit Wall Mounted Pull Up Chin Up Dip Bar

Bar2Fit Wall Mounted Pull Up, Chin Up and Dip Bar is a simple, compact, multifunctional and user friendly workout station with a heavy-duty steel construction. It lets you do a variety of abdominal and upper body exercises including sit-ups, pull-ups, push-ups, chin-ups, leg raises and more.

With its convenient wall mounted design, you can use it in your garage gym, home or any good part of your house. As it is compact in size you can fit it anywhere easily, indoors and outdoors. Bart2Fit Station is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars at the time of this review by 6 customers only, as it first appeared on only recently, in July, 2018.

It will help strengthen your biceps, triceps, shoulders, back muscles and your core section. With 8 grip positions on the multifunctional steel chin-up bar you can do many different exercises. And the distance of the steel pull-up bar from the wall is 20 inches, a standard grip is 20 inches and a wide grip is 38.5 inches. The steel dip bar is 30 inches away from the wall and there is a 21.7” distance between the parallels.

The unit is built quite sturdy and durable and can support up to 440 pounds of user weight. The foam grips are quite dense and the back support cushions are nicely padded. The chin-up bar is removable and you can use it Bar2Fit Sports Wall Mounted Pull Up Chin Up Dip Baron the wall or on the floor to change the angles in different exercises or to hit slightly different muscles. In the package, you will find a pull up bar, a dip bar and an ab station, 4 wall anchors, 8 x 10mm screws and studs, a ring for punching bag or TRX and the instructions manual.

Bar2Fit Wall Mounted Station weighs 33 pounds and you can mount it on brick or concrete walls. But the assembly can require a bit of effort like drilling as the holes may not line up etc. and you may want to get some help in the process. The instructions also are not the best but the product itself is reported to be quite sturdy and versatile, letting you do lots of different exercises that you see in the photos and more. It is quite a well constructed fitness strength training product that is well worth the price tag.

Please note that you can’t drill into a drywall and you need to find a stud and the instructions should have explained that the size of the drill bit you’ll need. One of the customers commented that they were able to complete the task with the help of an 11mm drill for 12mm anchors. Overall it will save you on space and money over time with the level of flexibility, build quality and reliability it offers. It is shipped very quickly within just a couple of days and you can contact the customer support team if you need any help if you can’t find the info you’re seeking, on the Bar2Fit website or the instructions manual. We do not hesitate to recommend this solid piece to anyone at any fitness level.

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