Barwing Indoor Stationary Spin Bike with 35 lb. Flywheel Review

Barwing Indoor Stationary Spin Bike 

BARWING Indoor Stationary Bike

Barwing Indoor Stationary Spin Bike has large 35-pound flywheel, quiet and smooth belt drive system, a comfy seat and the adjustable handles, and an LCD display panel for home gym use. The average customer rating is 4.7 out of 5 stars by 4 customers at the time of this product review.

It is a brand new release product that is one of the better selling exercise bikes at With the 35 lb. decent size flywheel it will give you the feel of a real road bike. The advantage of a larger flywheel is the momentum is kept steady and secure. You’ll be pedaling quietly without disturbing the people in the house or your neighbors.

The LCD display shows the usual stats of calories burned, distance traveled, current speed, time traveled, scan, ODOmeter for distance from the first use of this bike. You’ll see your accurate data and keep motivated to do better- burn more calories and fat. There is a water bottle holder and an aluminum bottle is included in the box for you to stay hydrated during your workout session. You can put your smartphone or tablet on the 10.1-inch iPad holder to keep entertained and to pedal longer for burning more calories and fat.

You can adjust the ergonomic seat four ways- up, down, forward and back and the handles up and down between 44.7 and 49.6 inches to accommodate different people in your house. You can try different postures to get different benefits of riding a spin bike. The resistance or intensity level can be adjusted through the tension knob depending on how much you can handle generally or on the day. It is safe to use and stable with a sturdy steel frame that can handle up to 300 pounds of user weight. The flywheel can be stopped immediately by pressing the sam tension knob in the middle.

BARWING Indoor Cycling Bike Features

The pedals are anti-slip with a textured surface and come with the adjustable toe cages and straps for your feet to stay in place during your session.  The belt drive system requires zero maintenance and offers a completely silent and stable riding experience. The intensity or challenge is increased when the knob is turned clockwise and decreased if turned counterclockwise. You can move the bike on its double transport wheels underneath by tilting and rolling out easily and effortlessly for relocation and storage.

The minimum inseam- seat to pedal distance is 28.7 inches and the maximum inseam is 35.6 inches. The assembled measurements of the Barwing Bike is 36.1L x 21.7W x 49.6H inches wits a shipping weight of 74.7 pounds. It feels very safe and stable and will not shake or wobble during your session. You’ll find the detailed instructions and the tools needed for the assembly and it shouldn’t take more than an hour if you follow the instructions carefully. It works as promised and offers great value for money overall. It comes with one year of warranty for all its parts and they’ll be replaced free of charge. You’ll get a decent customer support and your questions will be answered within 24 hours.

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