BARWING WalkingPad Mini Foldable Treadmill for Office & Home Review

BARWING WalkingPad Mini Treadmill

BARWING WalkingPad Mini Treadmill

White BARWING WalkingPad is a compact and foldable, smart fitness treadmill designed for home or office under desk or freestanding use, with a 588-watt power motor and a unique innovative design. It is shipped totally assembled and you don’t need to do any extra work. You can walk or jog on it between the speeds of 0.5 mph and 3.75 mph.

Barwing WalkingPad appeared at very recently and is one of the better selling hot new release treadmills. The average customer rating is 5 out of 5 stars but there aren’t many reviews out yet. It is an ultra thin treadmill at just 2.6 inches from the floor to the walking belt, measures 57L x 21W x 4.5H as assembled and expanded and 34L x 21W x 5.5H inches as folded. The back end of the WalkingPad can be folded 180 degrees to help with the relocation and storage. You can conveniently store it in your closet or under your bed.

It has a patented unique foldable design and will only take up half the area and will be much easier for storage purposes. You can roll it on its small red transportation wheels underneath, at the front. It comes with a remote control and you can press the M button to change from automatic to manual mode for people with different treadmill experiences. You have the Adaptive Speed Control System on this treadmill, you just stand in the front Speed Up area and after 3 ticking the treadmill will start. Constant Speed Area is the middle part and the Slow Down Area is the rear part.

In the Manual mode you can operate the WalkingPad with the remote control. It has the Bluetooth functionality and you can hook up the treadmill with the WalkingPad application, monitor, view and record your daily, weekly or monthly workout data. It is a safe treadmill that runs quietly, partly because of the feet to the ground distance of only 2.6 inches that helps decrease the noise level and prevent potential accidents. It will not disturb you or others- people in the house or your neighbors. It works quieter than the traditional treadmills. The maximum total user weight capacity is 240 pounds on this sturdy and durable treadmill.

The way the Auto Speed Control works is the pressure of your feet on the walking belt will determine the speed automatically, depending on the position of your feet. Even though there aren’t any handles on this treadmill it is actually claimed to be safer than a conventional treadmill, thanks to its lower profile design and the auto speed control that remove the risk of falling off. The walking belt has the anti-slip surface with multiple layers to make BARWING WalkingPad Portable Mini Treadmillyou feel more comfortable. You can collect the remote control and other small items in the remote control organizer. The remote control with the digital display has the Start/Stop, acceleration and deceleration buttons.

In the package you will find the Barwing WalkingPad, a remote control, a remote organizer, a power cable, two AAA batteries, a wrench, a lanyard, a silicone oil and the user manual. Please refer to the user manual for unlocking the WakingPad, lubricating and adjusting the belt prior to use. If there is a deviation on the belt during the transport you need to adjust the belt after receiving it. You need to put this treadmill on a completely flat ground, not on a plush carpet. This is a low profile treadmill that is only 2.6 inches thick, that can be used easily under a standing desk. 240 lb. user weight capacity is more than what is offered on similar models and the 3.75hp is good enough for fast walking and jogging. We are happy to recommend the Barwing WalkingPad to those that want a compact, foldable and portable treadmill with a sturdy construction and that works well under a standing desk or in small spaces.

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