BARWING X1 3-in-1 Magnetic Upright Recumbent Foldable Bike w/ Arm Resistance Bands & Ankle Strap Review

BARWING X1 3-in-1 Magnetic Upright Recumbent Foldable Bike 

barwing 3-in-1 magnetic foldable bike

BARWING X1 is a 3-in-1 foldable magnetic indoor stationary bike that can be used in three forms of upright, recumbent or semi-recumbent. It comes with the arm resistance workout bands to work on your upper body and an ankle strap to work on your leg muscles.

You can have a great whole body workout on this bike with the included accessories and adjustable seat and handles, in the comfort of your home. There is a smart digital monitor that gives you the usual indicators of time exercised, current speed, distance traveled and calories burned and ODOmeter (total distance traveled since the first use). You can put your smartphone or tablet on the tablet holder for entertainment during your workout, so you can exercise longer.

16 real levels of magnetic resistance on this bike can be adjusted via the tension knob in the middle. 1 to 4 is basic resistance, 7 to 10 is intermediate resistance and 13 to 16 is advanced resistance. It has an ergonomic design with a seat cushion adjustment and the angle adjustment to offer different posture options. The handles are also conveniently adjustable and without these adjustments it wouldn’t be as comfortable. And you wouldn’t have an as enjoyable experience especially during the longer sessions. This feature also makes this stationary bike ideal for the whole family to work out on.

The saddle height can be adjusted to 8 levels and the seat angle to 2 levels. And the backrest also folds down conveniently for easier storage. It has a solid and stable heavy-duty frame with an X-type design for the physical balance and you can feel totally safe and stable on it during your session. With the magnetic resistance it runs smoothly and quietly. It has a compact, barwing 3-in-1 magnetic bike upright, recumbent, semi-recumbentspace saving design as it can be folded completely to take up as little space as possible- 1.5 sq. feet. You can move this bike on its transportation wheels and store it in a convenient corner.

The Barwing X1 Bike with magnetic resistance doesn’t need any special maintenance other than being kept clean. It is nice to have the three different positions of upright, recumbent and semi-recumbent and another folded position for easier storage. The bike measures 32.3 x 22.3 x 48 inches and the large seat is 11.8 x 9.1 inches. The no-touch magnetic resistance helps with the smooth operation and offers better protection for your knees and joints. Overall it is quite good value for money, in terms of build quality, modern design, functionality and versatility.

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