Belovedkai Vertical Climber, 220lb, Digital Display Review

Belovedkai Vertical Climbing Exercise Machine

Belovedkai Vertical Climber 220lb

Belovedkai Vertical Climber is a mid-2018 release modern cardiovascular machine with a simplistic design, that promises better results than the conventional exercise units like treadmills and bikes. You can purchase it in either dark grey or black and there is no difference in price.

You’ll basically be able to burn more calories in the same amount of time. It is more challenging than most cardio machines out there and will make you burn fat and calories easily while working on your different leg muscles, abdominals and even your arms and shoulders.

Belovedkai Vertical Climber comes with a simple clear LCD digital display in the middle that shows the stats like steps, calories, time and speed. So you can stay motivated with your session results in front of you. You’ll not only have a butt with a better shape over time but also stronger legs and arms- triceps and biceps and a flatter tummy simultaneously as part of your intense full body workout.

It has a good quality sturdy black steel frame and the solid ABS plastic parts around the display panel and the bright green non-stick handle grips covered with foam mats. It is built to last longer and you can feel stable and safe on it. The maximum user weight it can carry is 220 pounds, which is roughly 100kg. It weighs 37.3 pounds and measures 35.8 x 27.6 x 83.1 inches (2.98 x 2.29 x 6.92 feet or 91 x 70 x 211cm).

Belovedkai Vertical Climber

You can fold it easily and move it out of the way for storage when you’re done with your daily exercise. It will tone and strengthen a variety of muscles in your body by the similar movements to the natural cliff climbing in the comfort and safety of your own home. It is not only sturdy and durable but runs smoothly and quietly. The kind of workout it offers is both very intense and lower impact and will not be a burden on your joints and knees.

And you’ll get a nice and sweaty workout in just ten minutes a day. Long sessions will be a little hard on this unit unless you take it slowly. It has a total of five holes with a distance of 3.9 inches of distance. The price is low for a modern, solid, stable and durable fitness unit that will help you get in shape quickly and lose weight. In the box, you’ll get the Belovedkai Vertical Climber and the user manual and you can contact the customer service via email 24 hours a day, weekdays and weekends. And they’ll get back to you with a reply or a solution very quickly.

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