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Best Choice SKY2200 Indoor Exercise Bike via Amazon

Best Choice Products Exercise Bike Indoor Cycling

Here is the latest low cost indoor exercise / cycling bike by Best Choice SKY2200 with a modern and innovative design and a 13KG flywheel which includes the adjustable tension levels with “+” and “-” signs for different levels of training. It offers a low impact type workout so there won’t be much of a burden on your body or your joints and you will be mainly working on your lower body and legs and this will affect your entire body when you’re burning calories, losing weight or getting in shape. You’ll get to monitor your progress on the LCD display that shows scan, calories burned, speed, distance traveled and time.

Best Choice SKY2200 Bike is relatively compact and lightweight as it weighs 67.2 pounds and measures 40L x 19W x (31-39)H inches which means it can be stored away easily (offers convenient storage) with the convenient transportation wheels at the front and can carry a maximum user weight of 220 pounds (has a heavy duty frame). Both the seat and handle-bar are height adjustable- the seat is padded and is adjustable both vertically and horizontally. As a belt driven unit it works smoothly and quietly (almost silent) so you will easily do your thing- listen to songs or read a magazine without being distracted and hold conversations. You will be able to do your cardiovascular workout in the comfort of your home without having to join a gym by paying expensive membership fees, or get out in the cold in winter, if you don’t want to work out weights- do resistance training to build muscles.

Best Choice Products Exercise Bike Health Fitness Indoor Cycling Bicycle Cardio Workout

Some items being hand crafted or hand finished, there may be slight imperfections but this is just fine and only means that this is hand finished- with character and authenticity. Belt driven means it uses a very tough rubber belt that moves power from pedals to flywheel and with the high tension on the belt it won’t slip as it turns and continues to give a smooth ride non-stop and it requires much less maintenance than the chain driven bikes- actually no maintenance for years by which time the belt will loosen up and will need to be replaced. Although this is a great quality product with a durable build with a heavy duty steel frame with scratch-resistant exterior, premium design, ease of use with large anti-slip pedals, LCD panel and different resistance levels, it is offered at a very competitive price as they are purchased by the distributor directly from the manufacturer. *A red aluminium sports drinking bottle is also included in the box.

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