Best Choice Products SKY2309 Magnetic Folding Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

Best Choice SKY2309 Recumbent Bike via Amazon

Best Choice SKY2309 Magnetic Recumbent Bike

Best Choice SKY2309 Magnetic X-Bike is quite new on the market and seems like a decent product with a nice look in white and blue and a modern design. If you don’t like getting to gym regularly or go outdoors for regular exercise- especially in winter cold weather and you want a fitness equipment permanently at your service for your regular cardio workout whatever the fitness goals you wish to achieve are- whether you want to burn fat and calories or to tone your leg and core muscles or to just stay healthy overall. It is designed to help you have longer and more efficient cardiovascular exercise sessions with its comfortable padded seat that is also height adjustable between 29 to 32 inches and back support and an anti-slip pedals with straps so you can have a safer workout. For you to help track your workout progress it comes with an LCD display right in between the handle bars that indicates scan, speed, distance, time, odometer (total distance traveled from the very start), calories burned and pulse rate but we can not see any heart rate sensors on this unit so.

Best Choice Products SKY2309 Magnetic Recumbent Bike

Best Choice SKY2309 Recumbent Bike has 8 levels of resistance that can be adjusted through the resistance knob right in the middle and you can go from very easy to more challenging but we’re not sure if the max level is super challenging. It weighs 36 pounds and measures 37 x 24.5 x 38 inches so it is fairly small in size with a slightly upright positioning and the folding design is quite a nice feature as you simply fold the bike and store it somewhere convenient so you will save on space, especially if you live in a small apartment and lack space. The reason for the Best Choice Products being able to offer great quality products at good prices is the company gets the fitness equipments straight from the manufacturer without any middlemen and please note that the item promoted on this and page is a brand new product and will come in factory packaging and the pictures shown reflect the actual product but because some products by the company are handcrafted or finished so the colours may be slightly different and is certainly a normal part of the hand finishing process and it is just an indicator of how authentic these products are. This would make a great entry level bike for regular home cardiovascular exercise.

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