Best Choice Products Universal Home Gym Review

Best Choice Products Universal Home Gym via Amazon

Best Choice Products Universal Home Gym

Here is a brand new multi-functional universal home gym unit –  “Full Body Workout Machine” by Best Choice for a whole body workout to target different muscles, strengthening and toning them in more than sixty exercises by using your own body weight for resistance and be healthier overall and with resistance adjustable for a variety of exercises. The two bars on offer will add an extra 75 pounds of weight to give you that push you may need but these are sold separately. It works on all the muscles including chest, arms, back, triceps, biceps, abs, shoulders, legs, calves and more at the same time, you can fluctuate your workout, isolate certain body areas like your arms. You’ll find certain movable parts to help you work different parts of your body and a pulley system that makes you lift your own body weight and four adjustable heights, weighs 50 pounds and measures 75 x 24.5 x 38 inches- is not a very heavy or large unit despite being multi-functional but is made of sturdy steel and with its foldable design you can put it away easily if you don’t have a lot of space to leave it out in the open.

Best Choice Universal Home Gym

Best Choice brand products (Sky Billard Inc.) often cost less than what they offer or competitors because the company buys the products straight from the manufacturer with no middle men involved. Sky Billards Inc. or Best Choice has 14 years of history of offering a variety of products as they first started with pool tables then went on to patio furniture and musical instruments and now they have products in 17 different categories on their site including toys and games, other children items, daily household stuff and Sports and Fitness and you will see many of these on eBay and Amazon, Sears and Newegg. They are located in California and Indiana so they are able to send products within three days to any part of United States. Very reasonable prices, good quality, very fast shipping, good customer service and support so they will help you with any questions or problems you may have via phone or email- if you email them they will get back to you within 6 to 8 work hours. Best Choice Universal Home Gym is not like the much more expensive and well known Total Gym XLS and it won’t have the extra bells and whistles but it will do the job and will give your whole body a great all round workout in the comfort of your home or wherever you take the Universal Home Gym.

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