BestMassage Pro Cycling Spinning Exercise Bike Review

BestMassage Cycling Exercise Bike Pro

BestMassage Cycling Bike Exercise Bike Pro

BestMassage Pro is an indoor stationary spinning bike with a modern design for a great daily cardiovascular or aerobic fitness workout at your home or office. You can comfortably use this bike if you are between the heights of 5’ and 6’.

It has a small white and black LED display that shows you the time exercised, distance traveled, calories burned, current speed and heart rate through the pulse sensors on both handles. It will help you monitor your progress sin real time.

You’ll be able to ride longer on its comfortable, nicely padded road-bike type seat with memory sponge and an ergonomic design. You can adjust the saddle and the handle both horizontally and vertically to accommodate your height or comfort level. The handles are rubber foam cushioned so your hand and arms feel comfy too and go for longer sessions. Your feet will not slip thanks to the caged anti-slip pedals the twill give you plenty of support during your exercise.

Black BestMassage Pro weighs 54 pounds and measures 43.5 x 18 x 43 inches, has a fairly compact size, is not foldable but comes with the front mounted wheels. The maximum user weight capacity is specified as 220 pounds or BestMassage Exercise Bike Pro roughly 100kg on its sturdy heavy duty steel frame and crank. The medium size 22-pound electroplated precision steel flywheel and the chain drive mechanism both help you ride the bike smoothly, quietly and easily every single time- consistently.

It has the front transport wheels that help move the bike easily in your house when you’re done with your cardio workout. You’ll get a genuine road-like feeling with the infinite variable resistance knob. And you can use the integrated push down emergency brake when you need to stop immediately. If all you want to achieve is burn some calories, lose weight and get in shape a little, then you won’t need to sign up for an expensive gym membership when you own this product.

And it can be used as a warm-up tool for those that work out with weights. BestMassage Pro will make the daily exercise sessions both enjoyable and convenient. The adjustable and comfortable seat comes with a good range of backward and forward, up and down seat placement options. It will be shipped partly assembled and should be easy for you to do the rest. This is a low cost but functional and robust enough spin bike that does the job, without any added bells and whistles. You may want to consider getting this bike if you’re not very tall and check out the alternative options via the links on this page.

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