Bicidual Therapeutic Total Body Workout Machine Review

Bicidual Therapeutic Total Body Workout Machine 

Bicidual - Home Total Body Workout Machine

Bicidual Physiotherapy Workout Machine is a high quality and compact unit with an innovative design, that helps work your arms and legs in the comfort of your home. It is designed for both cardiovascular exercise and physiotherapy purposes, for lower and upper body conditioning and supporting rehab, recovering from an injury or after surgery etc.

You will be using it in a seated position as depicted in the photo, so please find yourself a comfy chair or sofa and start pedaling. The speed or the resistance levels are adjustable with the two separate tension knobs on the arm and leg pedals. You can have the workout as challenging as you want with these adjustable levels.

As a low impact workout that will help you heal it is suitable for people at any age and levels of fitness- older or younger but is preferred more by the seniors. It will help you burn calories and fat, and lose some weight as well. It works well with seniors that are aiming to maintain their mobility in hips, arms, and legs, strengthen and tone their lower and upper bodies.

bicidual therapeutic bike

You can use it from your bed or sofa as long as it is not a very soft surface and there is no burden on your lower back. The height is adjustable to six different levels to accommodate your height and the height of your seat or bedside. It is quite easy to put together (as you will get it unassembled) and use because it gives you enough flexibility.

Bicidual Physical Therapy Machine weighs about 20 pounds, has a heavy duty build with a stainless steel frame but can still be moved around easily. You may choose to work just on your arms or legs or both at the same time, depending on your needs or mood in the day. The hand grips are easy and comfy to hold and the pedals include small straps to keep your feet in place during your exercise session.

This is a decent, sturdy, compact, stable and functional unit to have on your way to recovery. The price seems fair for what its offers and the build quality, even though this is a fitness product for a more specific purpose. It will work well for you if you’re recovering from an injury and are limited with activities. It will even help improve your sleep quality. And at the price point concerned it is a rehab fitness unit that we certainly recommend.

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