Bio Quake X550 Dual Motor Mini Whole Body Vibration Platform Machine Review

Bio Quake X550 Dual Motor Mini Vibration Platform via Amazon

Bio Quake X550 Dual Motor Mini Whole Body Vibration Platform Machine

Bio Quake X550 is a compact great quality whole body double motor powerful vibration platform machine of a 300 watt pivotal- oscillation motor and a 500 watt linear motor (a total of 800 watts) for a G-force as much as 18.1G (with a frequency range of up to 30Hz), three workouts that are programmable by the exerciser and three routine workouts already built in (preset), 60 different speeds each of vibration and oscillation that are controlled separately by which you can increase the intensity at any time with the remote you’ll find in the package that lets you control time, program, vibration and oscillation, a complete user manual and isometric balance straps. Working out it is actually passive exercise = without working.

Bio Quake X550 is a relatively new product and promoted as the best mini-vibration body machine on the market with two motors helping it run super efficiently, giving it a lot of power for very reliable customisable sessions- delivering beyond its price level. Having a functional remote control with all the necessary buttons to adjust settings, helps it be a very ergonomic unit as the built-in display panel with buttons is located right in front of the vibration platform low on the ground and with the remote you can simply start and stop, adjust time, oscillation, programs to whatever level you prefer and despite all its great features, functionality, user friendliness, innovative compact design and power, the price is rather low. It is good for people that weigh up to 265 pounds in weight on its 20 inch wide platform and you can get your upper body training as well with the two isometric straps which also add stability and the anti-slip non-deforming rubber feet. It is quite a stable vibration platform with a very solid and durable steel frame and looks good with the glossy composite cover.

Bio Quake X550 Dual Motor Mini Whole Body Vibration Platform

There is no assembly work required as this CE certified unit comes pre-assembled and with a regular US 3-prong grounded power cord and the user manual includes oscillation and vibration exercise suggestions. Overall as far as the vibration machines go this is a good quality product if you’re after a passive exercise vibration machine if you can’t do conventional exercise or have no energy for it (too tired or lazy? 🙂 So there is no doubt its offers a good amount of exercise and health benefits backed by a few studies but if it is at the same level as working out in a gym or active exercise, we’re not certain. You get increased muscle activity with this dual motor model rather than a single vibration type machine, it probably won’t give you six pack abs but blood flow, balance and some exercise benefits, for sure. So if you just want to be active or even if you do exercise actively or recovering from an injury this is certainly something you can benefit from.

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