Body Champ BCB3835 Olympic Weight Bench and Squat Rack Two-Piece Set Review

Body Champ BCB3835 & PRO3900 Olympic Weight Bench & Squat Rack 

Body Champ BCB3835 Olympic Weight Bench and Squat Rack Two-Piece Set

Body Champ BCB3835 is a versatile, solid, stable and functional two-in-one resistance training set of a squat rack and an Olympic weight bench. It is suitable for use by the beginner, intermediate and advanced users that wish to strengthen, tone and build muscles.

But please note that this two-in-one weights training set supports a maximum of 300 pounds of user weight and a 300 pounds of total weight. The shipping weight for the whole set is 70 pounds, measures 52 x 42 x 60 inches and the delivery is fast through The PRO3900 squat rack measures 42.5 x 23.25 x (36-51) inches and the distance between the inner parts of the uprights is 38 inches, which is good for a medium wide grip. The weight bench measures (15-23) x 44 x 48.5 inches with a seat that is 15 to 19 inches off the ground.

You can use this unit with both the 6 feet and 7 feet bars easily. The squat rack- PRO3900 is the stand-alone type with Double-deck Safety™- not attached to the weight bench and can be used separately. It has a 60×60 powder-coated sturdy square tubing and includes two built-in catches. You can use the lower catch for the decline, flat and incline positions when you’re lifting barbells. And the higher catch is designed for the upright and standing positions.

There is a convenient lever at the front just below the seat that you can lift easily and move the bench on its two integrated wheels at the rear for relocation and storage. You will not be likely to suffer any hand injuries when you’re racking and un-racking the weights, thanks to the no-pinch catch designBody Champ BCB3835 Olympic Weight Bench and Squat Rack. You’ll find two locking hooks for extra security when you are resting and not using the rack. It has a thick and dense padding for your comfort during your workout session.

You can set the backrest to five different positions and the seat cushion to two settings to be able to target slightly different muscles. You can work on your chest, shoulder, back, triceps, biceps, legs (squats) and abdominals on this unit and hit the muscles at different angles. You’ll get an easy to read and understand manual for assembly instructions and all the nuts and bolts will be labeled clearly. You can set it up on your own or with the help of another person in just an hour or two by using simple tools.

It may be ideal for those that prefer to work out at home due to time and money restrictions as a lot of professional people don’t have enough time and some don’t want to pay for expensive gym membership fees. It can simply be more time and energy efficient for some people. Body Champ BCB3835 is a sturdy, stable, well designed, functional and versatile product with easy to adjust seat and backrest to be able to target slightly different parts of the muscles. With the PRO3900 Squat Rack, it is a very good value two-in-one bundle of an Olympic weight bench and a squat rack.

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