Body Champ BRT1875 Trio-Trainer, Elliptical, Recumbent and Upright Bike Review

Body Champ BRT1875 Trio-Trainer

Body Champ BRT1875 Trio-Trainer

Body Champ BRT1875 Trio-Trainer was launched only very recently and appeared at in October 2018.  As a very functional and versatile three-in-one fitness equipment with a sleek and modern design it can be used as a recumbent bike, upright (vertical) stationary bike and an elliptical trainer in a standing position.

The Trio Trainer has a rather unique, patented, multifunctional and ergonomic design and a variety of user-friendly features. You can transform it from one equipment to another without needing to get off the unit or adjusting any hardware. You won’t even need to change the position of the pedals. It has a total of three sets of handles that you can hold when you’re using it in one of the three positions- recumbent, elliptical or upright.

Only the fixed frontal upright handlebar set has the integrated heart rate sensors that are connected to the smart LCD-backlit display panel with a simplistic yet modern design. Other two sets of handlebars are the wraparound for the recumbent bike in seated position and the double action handles that move back and forth in the standing elliptical position. The display panel is actually small with only four buttons of up, down, mode and reset- probably just what you need. But the media holder for your iPad, tablet or smartphone just above it is good size and functional.

It has the integrated Fit Technology with the heart rate tracking through the convenient pulse sensors on both fixed handles on the left and the right of the display panel. The Body Champ BRT1875 Trio-Trainer has a sleek structure with a premium look and feel, weighs 99 pounds and measures 42 x 19 x 63 inches. The Body Champ BRT1875 Trio-Trainer LCD Displayseat is two-way adjustable for height and the total user weight is 250 pounds according to the manufacturer. It can be moved easily on its transportation wheels when you’re finished with your exercise session. The base is strong enough and there won’t be any wobbling when you’re working out in a sitting or standing position.

The good thing about getting this three-in-one trainer is you do not have to decide what kind of cardiovascular exercise machine to get. You can benefit from all three in different positions, targeting slightly different muscles and burning different amounts of calories.They all have slightly different benefits but the elliptical involves your upper body more than the others. You can check and see which one suits you more and which one is more or less challenging. It offers a great synergy of the functions and benefits of each one. And you may want to use them on different days or on the same day and at varying levels of resistance to get the best results.

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