Body Max BRF700 Stationary Upright Rider Fan Bike Review

Body Max BRF700 Upright Fan Bike via Amazon

Body Max BRF700 Stationary Upright Rider Fan Bike

Body Max BRF700 is a vertical stationary bike for an enjoyable and efficient cardio workout experience in the comfort of your home. You will be engaging both your lower and upper body with its double action handles and with the tension knob you can adjust it by turning the knob and is great to have a fan wheel that gives you a nice breeze when you’re riding. It has a digital LCD display panel for you to monitor your progress and it shows the distance traveled, speed, time and calories burned and there are no pulse sensors on this unit, hence we can not see a pulse reader. It has a durable solid steel construction and frame, weighs 47.3 pounds with assembled total measurements of 41.75 x 22 x 46.5 inches (not too small and not too big and it will save on space with its small footprint) and can carry a maximum user weight of up to 250 pounds on its solid frame. It is nice to be able to work almost your whole body- upper and elliptical simultaneously in a single machine- a great full body workout that includes both cardio and a bit of strength training. Customisable seat positions means the seat is adjustable for your height and comfortable exercise and is really nice to have the fan wheel that emits a nice cool breeze.

Body Max Stationary Upright Rider Fan Bicycle

Please note that if you assemble it in the wrong way and you make modifications then the warranty will be voided even though it is really easy to assemble with screws and other pieces and clear instructions provided with the wheel section already assembled. And you will be doing the pedals, handle bars, seat and the base if you still get it wrong and it works really well and quietly and with different resistance levels it really works your body as you can adjust the intensity. Seat is adjustable but doesn’t go too high for your to get a proper stretch if you are a very tall person and is a little hard so can feel uncomfortable for a lengthy session so you may want to use a support on it- you may consider getting a cheap gel seat cover so you can have longer and much more comfortable sessions. This is a bike by Body Champ which has been in business since 1993 so it has more than two decades of history in the fitness industry and for the price level concerned you’re getting a pretty good deal here. Warranty is 90 days for the parts and 1 year for the frame for all the parts as long as you use this unit at home and not in a commercial setting and for whatever this bike is designed for and as long as you do its proper maintenance.

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