Body Power Multi-Functional Power Tower Review

Body Power Multi-Functional Power Tower

Body Power Multi-Functional Power Tower

White Body Power Deluxe Multi-Functional Power Tower is a versatile fitness machine, at home gym set-up designed for a total body workout- working different parts of your body using mainly your body weight. It looks like a solid and sturdy unit with a steel construction that should last many years and you can engage twelve key muscle groups- your deltoids, triceps, biceps, chest / pecs, lats, glutes, quads and core section in a variety of exercises (twenty or so) as part of overall body conditioning or resistance training. You can do ab curls, knee tucks, rows, chin-ups, sit-ups, crunches, pull-ups, push-ups, reverse push-ups, leg raises, vertical knee raises, dips, squats and many other exercises using your own body weight without having to get out of your home. If you work out at an advanced level and already have a gym membership, this would make a great additional fitness equipment to have so you can use it on days you don’t get to gym or when you have breaks from gym, to keep you in shape. Adjustable back roller and handgrips are nicely padded / cushioned for your comfort on your hands and wrists and you also have the sling straps and you have the control over how long your sessions are and how intense they are.

Body Power Multifunctional Power Tower

White Body Power weighs 85.8 pounds with 300lbs user weight capacity and measures 48 x 48.5 x 43.5 inches- has a smaller footprint than competitor models but the legs are nicely spread out and well balanced and not springy so it doesn’t shake or feel like it will tip over- has thick steel with decent welds. In the box you will find the Body Power Deluxe (unassembled), two sling straps, a user manual with 1 year limited warranty (90 days for parts) by the manufacturer and an exercise guide. It is not hard to put the pieces together with the instructions provided but you’ll need to use your own tools and some help from someone in your house. It is slightly different to other power towers- has a different adjusting type back pad, wider pull up bars which can make it a little difficult for beginners and somewhat different feeling dip bars but you can slide them out of the way when you’re not using them and you get used to it in no time. For the reasonable price level concerned it seems to be very good value: Robust and solid, versatile and adjustable, functional, user friendly, comfortable and premium looking and anything that you can compare this to costs twice as much and more. Despite its small shortcomings it is a highly recommended unit for the low price level with very positive reviews online.

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