Body Rider Retro Folding Exercise Bike Review

Body Rider Retro Folding Exercise Bike

Body Rider Retro Folding Exercise Bike

The latest launch Body Rider Retro by Body Max is a foldable compact exercise bike with adjustable resistance, a uniquely efficient and minimal design and a reasonable price tag. It is equipped with the latest technology and comfort level despite having a more retro look.

You will benefit from different levels of challenge with the balanced adjustable resistance system. It will give you a decent cardiovascular workout that targets your lower body as well as your core section or abdominals. As this is not an elliptical trainer we can’t say it will target your upper body directly, but more like indirectly. You will basically be burning fat and losing weight from all parts of your body, depending on your body type.

It has a very quiet flywheel system with an internal magnetic mechanism. It runs rather quietly- almost noise free and smoothly which means it will feel good without disturbing people in the house or neighbors downstairs or next door. Its compact size with minimal efficient design makes it ideal for a small apartment office or dorm. The foldable frame along with the built-in transportation wheels make it portable for easy relocation and storage. If you do not live in a big place this one will save you some space.

The white and grey Body Rider Retro weighs 43 pounds with the dimensions of 39.5 x 21 x 47.5 inches. The maximum user weight it can carry is roughly 250 pounds or 113.4kg which we think is quite good considering the size. People Body Rider Retro Foldable Exercise Bikebetween 5’ and 6’1” tall can use it comfortably. So if you’re very tall or very heavy you may want to check out other larger bikes. You also should not stand up while you’re pedaling this bike.

The retro screen monitor is quite interesting to look at and easy to use and manage. It shows speed, distance, calories burned and time and includes the automatic on and off function. The retro bike is easy to use, maintain and clean. You can adjust the resistance to eight different levels through the tension knob that is easy to adjust.

The seat is comfortable with two premium quality seat foam cushions, one on the seat and one on the backrest. You can actually use it either as a recumbent bike by leaning on the backrest or as an upright bike by holding the extended handlebar. It feels totally safe and stable with the handles on the sides of the seat and at the front, great seat cushion and decent pedals. The simple tools and easy instructions are provided in the box for you to put it together in a short time. This is a good value for money retro design bike with modern technology.

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