Bodycraft HFT Functional Trainer Review

Bodycraft HFT Functional Trainer

Bodycraft HFT Functional Trainer

Bodycraft HFT is a top of the range functional trainer with a very sturdy build quality, beautiful design, offering you versatility and functionality. Being built with an 11 gauge 1.75 x 3.25 inch and 2 x 4-inch oval steel tubing and a heavy plate steel, it is a very solid product. It is electromagnetically powder-coated with platinum gray and black colors that cover all surfaces evenly.

It weighs 530 pounds and measures just 56 x 40 x 82 inches so it is pretty compact in size, has a small footprint and you can easily put it in the corner of your room. Being also baked at very high temperatures the finish will last long. It comes with a few accessories like the ankle strap, two chains, short bar, long bar, an integrated multi-grip chin up bar, a tricep rope, an attached 70+ page exercise book, assisted pull-up and push-up strap and an exercise book.

You have the two independent cable column pulleys that are adjustable for 31 different height positions. And with the laser etched index, you can rotate it to 180 degrees at different angles and heights. On each side of the ponds, you have 150 pounds for each weight stack and is upgradeable to 200 pounds. There is a total of 28 plates, with 14 on each side and the to plate counting as 10 lb. The cables are airplane cable rated with more than 200 pounds of tensile strength and coated with flexible nylon. Each of the weight stacks offers as much 75 lb. resistance in the lower increments of 5 pounds. With a weight stack to user weight ratio of 2 to 1, you will enjoy smooth and a better range of movement. You can perform a range of strength building and cardiovascular exercises for different muscles of your body. It will help you burn calories, keep toned and stay in shape, increase your strength and muscle size and achieve stability, coordination, and balance.

Bodycraft HFT Home Gym

You have a variety of adjustments and cables and this determines the great number of exercises you can do- can even do abdominal and leg exercises. You can just use the strap or the straight bar across your back and do lunges and squats. This is a pricey equipment but is very sturdy, good looking and offers a complete workout solution. Despite being a high-end product this is designed for home gym use rather than commercial fitness settings- those tend to have even thicker metal parts.

You may certainly do bench butterflies and a full cable crossover with this one by standing a little further ahead as the two pulleys are closer to each other than some other commercial units. But it will feel more like a fly cross-over and still reap almost the same benefit of a full cross-over for your shoulders and chest. In terms of functionality and the smooth feel, it goods as good as any gym machine, with only a little thinner metals. It is sent unassembled and requires to be put together but you should be able to do it in a couple of hours or so with the clear instructions and most tools you will need to be provided.

Most people would be fine with the 150-pound stacks but if you find yourself able to push very hard at the gym then you may want to upgrade to 200 lb. stacks. You will find hundreds of workouts you can do on the Bodycraft HFT and you can just start out with the exercise book provided and use the websites and videos online to find lots more. You will not need to pay anything extra on accessories as it already comes with a few and you will find yourself using all of them. If you can afford this not so cheap home gym unit, then yes it is one of the better buys out there. It has some minor cons but nothing is perfect in our books and this is pretty good for home use.

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