Booty Max As Seen On TV Review

Booty Max “As Seen On TV”


Booty Max is designed to help you lose weight and tone your different leg muscles, including your quads, calves, glutes, thighs (both inner and outer) and enhance and lift your butt as well, with the targeted resistance by using a high-end resistance band with a comfy ankle cuff on a nicely padded exercise deck. You will also get a decent workout DVD and a nutritional guide- as it is the best and the healthiest way to get results in fitness. You will only achieve what you want when you have the right kind of diet, eating mostly the healthy foods. Squats and lunges are often not very easy to do, especially by the not so fit people. It is very easy to use as you just need to attach the ankle cuff, hold the yellow handle at the front and start kicking. It works with the Smart Dial Muscle Targeting principle to dial in the Multi-Directional Resistance- MDR, so you can target what you want to achieve and use one of the seven moves you can do with Booty Max, including kickback, calf raise, squat, diagonal kick, inner thigh, outer thigh and hamstring curl. You can wrap the band around the smart dial to get more resistance so you push yourself more. 


Booty Max has an upright design with a small footprint so it will save on space and has a heavy duty and sturdy construction, and it even folds down for you to get out of the way and to store it conveniently in a closet, a drawer or under a bed. If you just want to work your lower body and booty, get in shape and lose some weight, you can have this just on its own without investing in other equipment and see how you go, but we’re certain if you eat well as well, you will get results. With Booty Max what you’re doing is strength / resistance training to muscle contractions and your athletic ability, muscle mass, and overall strength will be improved and if you do it properly you will strengthen your bones better, more endurance, cardiac function and more strength for the ligament, tendon, and muscle and if you are trying to lose weight, this will help you maintain the muscle mass. You can alway try doing squats, lunges, and yoga to firm your butt but they can be challenging for some people and you need to be in the right posture and with the wrong techniques you can easily get an injury. The manufacturer claims that it also offers great upper body workout, but we can’t see how and you will be limited to the type of lower body muscles you can target with this unit, and get other equipment if you want to achieve more strength.

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