Brenda DyGraf FitRider X Exercise System with Computer and DVD Review

Brenda DyGraf’s FitRider X Exercise System via Amazon

Brenda DyGraf's FitRider X Exercise System with Computer and DVD

‘Easy gliding and easy riding’ Brenda DyGraf FitRider X is a great unique exercise system with a built-in 4 function personal training computer for a seated whole body cardio and resistance workout unlike bikes or treadmills that mainly focus on one body part- mostly legs, this one helps you tone your arms, back, chest, obliques and thighs simultaneously (spreads the workout efficiency through your body) with an easy gliding motion and without any impact or wear and tear on your hip joints. It uses your own body weight as resistance you need to achieve the exercise goals in a simple push and pull motion. It can carry a maximum user weight of up to 250 pounds and doesn’t take up much space as it measures only 44 x 18 inches (with a shipping weight of 41 pounds) and can be tucked away and kept in a convenient part of your room when not in use.

FitRider X has a large saddle style padded cruiser type seat to do it all comfortably, and as it is self-levelling the seat keeps your back straight and hips properly handled, you won’t harm your lower back as you will be perfectly aligned at all times. Its rotating padded foam covered handlebars will let you do 10 different exercises: You can pull back to enhance your posture, up to shape and define shoulders, down to firm the arms or forward to do abs without having to do crunches on the floor. It has large anti-slip pedals so your feet will be placed securely and you will be in control at all times and offers smooth and silent movement so it will all feel quite nice and easy and you can watch TV or listen to music while you’re working out on the the FitRiderX. And to help you get the most out of your efforts to burn fat, lose weight, improve your heart health, strengthen and tone chest, shoulder, arms, legs, abs, butt and thighs and shape your body, a 1-on1 DVD training by Brenda DyGraf with 10 different exercises is included in the package. You will get the Fit Rider X itself, a comprehensive user guide, a 20 min exercise DVD, warranty card and the assembly tools in the box.

Brenda DyGraf's FitRider X Exercise System with Computer and DVD

This one has a great well thought out design that will help you achieve your fitness goals for a better- slimmer and more toned physique in a shorter time and with less effort or it is more like you will put in the effort but will all feel smoother and much more fun than on other exercise machines and many positive customer reviews seem to support this claim by Brenda that personally designs, creates and markets this and other fitness products for global customers. If you have knee problems and that stop you from doing cardio or exercising, this one will place no impact on your knee joints and you will still be able to do the whole routine and get your daily workout and get in shape pretty quickly- you will feel it working on almost all your muscles. The results will be different for each person, their body structure, how well they eat and how much they exercise but on average it should be easy to lose 2 pounds a week if used regularly at moderate pace and following a proper diet. It is suitable for use by people of all ages- young or old, is very easy to assemble and use on a daily basis (is not complicated at all), offers a great workout for the whole body, works quietly and smoothly, looks and feels we built, stable and durable. It comes with a 12 month frame and 3 months of parts warranty so yo can have that extra peace of mind.

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