Brenda DyGraf’s SlimStrider 360 X with Floor Mat, Training Computer and DVD Review

Brenda DyGraf SlimStrider 360 X via Amazon

Brenda DyGraf's SlimStrider 360 X with Floor Mat, Training Computer and DVD

Brenda DyGraf’s SlimStrider 360 X offers smooth, fun, free motion and simple workout system that helps you burn fat, shape leaner thighs and hamstrings, tighten and tone abs, gain strength, enhance mobility through the lower back and hips and feel heaps more flexible with a zero impact workout without any burden on your joints. It helps you get up off the ground striding effortlessly and unlike exercise bikes, elliptical or other trainers that let your body move in one direction, this lets your legs and hips move 360 degrees in different directions with its great ‘ball and joint’ design. SlimStrider 360 X is easy to assemble (in under an hour) and use, with its advanced features and the level of flexibility- it is like getting five machines in one in a free-motion movement.

Just stride forward to target your lower abs and to work on your hip flexors, backwards to build hip extensors- lift and shape your butt, away from your body to strengthen hip rotators and abductors and trim your upper thighs, toward your body to enhance hip abductors and slim your inner thighs, do skater strides to engage all your leg muscles, in a 360 degree circle to improve your flexibility and strength in your entire hip joint and you may of course do a combination of all of these- you will see this is so much fun to use. It has a very sturdy and solid design with a durable strong stainless steel frame that supports 300 pounds of user weight and can fit in a very small space of 18 x 30 inches (measures 21 x 30 inches). With its folding design and transportation wheels you can move it around and store it away easily, but no reason why you shouldn’t leave it out in the open either as it has quite a nice and modern design with beautiful curves (rolls and folds for easy and convenient storage in any closet).

Brenda DyGraf SlimStrider 360 X

One of the customers commented that the assembly instructions aren’t super clear but they could work it out by looking at the photos and they were able to set it up in under an hour. SlimStrider works quietly so you can listen to music or watch TV while you’re working out, has comfy to hold foam padded handles that are also sweat resistant, large anti-slip pedals to make you feel secure and in control, with smooth and silent movement, onboard training computer that tracks strides / reps, workout time and calories, a DVD of three different high energy “Total Body Makeover” workouts as well as a premium floor equipment mat to protect your floors is included. It is a great quality- functional and durable product that comes with a 12 month warranty on frame and 90 days on parts, an Owner’s Manual and assembly tools are also in the package and we highly recommend it, judging by the many customer reviews on different sites.

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