BrookfieldQQ Indoor Exercise Bike, Height Adjustable, with LCD Display Review

BrookfieldQQ Indoor Exercise Bike

BrookfieldQQ Indoor Exercise Bike

The brand new release indoor exercise bike by BrookfieldQQ is adjustable for height, includes pulses sensors on handles and comes with a basic multi-functional LCD digital display panel. It is suitable for beginner and intermediate users as well as those that want to use it for warming up before their resistance training.

Brookfield Indoor Bike runs very smoothly and quietly because of the large heavy-duty 25-pound sturdy chrome flywheel that ensures a stable ride. And the pressure resistance can be adjusted via the resistance knob in the middle with the felt pads on the flywheels. It is a solid and stable bike overall and you’ll get to exercise without feeling any wobbling thanks to its very strong thick steel construction and bottom balance bars.

The smart display shows you the multiple functions of calories burned, distance traveled, current speed, time exercised, RPM, pulse through the handle sensors and scan option to move between each indicator one by one every 9 seconds or so without you pushing any buttons manually. The display panel works with the two AAA batteries that you need to purchase as it is not included in the package. With the positive locking seat post adjustment you can move your seat four ways, back and forward, up and down and the handlebar up and down to accommodate shorter and taller users with different body types.

The PU sport seat is soft and very comfy and the handles have a relaxing hand rest design, especially for your longer sessions. The sturdy heavy-duty frame on this bike supports user weights up to 300 pounds. The 25 lb. heavy duty flywheel offers better momentum for a longer time and you’ll be able to achieve better BrookfieldQQ Indoor Exercise Bike LCD Displayresults. The top-down resistance system is easy to use when you’re adjusting the level of difficulty. The red and white BrookfieldQQ Indoor Exercise Bike measures 42.5 x 19.2 x 45.6 inches and won’t occupy too much of your living space.

It is a relatively heavy bike that is not foldable, but is still easy to move with the front transport wheels underneath. You can roll it to any convenient corner of your house by adjusting it to a convenient angle once you’re finished with your exercise session for the day. You can use it for losing weight- burning calories and fat on a daily basis and you’ll get better results if you have a healthy diet overall. It will also target your core section- abdominals, not just your legs and you will naturally be losing weight all over your body. With the sturdy materials used it is durable and the service life is improved. The water bottle that you see in the photo is not included in the box. The materials used on this bike are steel on the frame, ABS plastic, PU leather and PVC.

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