Brute Force Heavy Duty Workout Sandbags Review

Brute Force Heavy Duty Workout Sandbags

Brute Force Sandbags - Heavy Duty Workout Sandbags

Brute Force Sandbags are the new solid and sturdy, functional and versatile exercise sandbags for strength training to work different muscles on your body. They are sturdy because of being made of tough 1000D Cordura material used by the US Military and include reinforcements in the shell through the perimeter with webbing and eight low profile and soft 1000D Mil-Spec Velcro handles that are not made of rubber so no risk of breaking and all the materials used are very high quality and none of which will decay quickly. They are designed with great attention to detail, to improve your power, endurance, agility, strength and flexibility so they can be prepared for different events. You can adjust the weight for your training by adding more or less sand that sis guaranteed not to leak. You fill up each of the fillers, zip them up (concealed 1000D Mil-Spec Zipper that doesn’t unzip with friction) and start working out. The difference between working out with free weights and these sandbags is the shifting loads that you do not have with free weights and this activates the muscles that you would not be using with the weights. Sandbag training is kind of a new concept to us and we’ve just started familiarising ourselves with it, but apparently Military, Police and Fireman and MMA/Combat athletes already use it in their training and it is already a very important part of athlete training.

Brute Force Sandbags

Sand is not included in the package and the total weight for shipping is 5 pounds, is easy to clean as the sandbag can be cleaned in the washing machine. They cost a little more than the competitor sandbags but make no mistake as these are premium, high quality, high end and heavy duty rugged sandbags that are both very sturdy (solid stitches and materials) and comfortable to work with the comfy to hold handles and ideal sizing with the right placement of everything (user friendly), they are designed to last you a very long time unless you treat them very very badly and if you use it every day and no matter how often and how hard you will continue using them without any wear and tear-  they can take a lot of abuse and beating. You have three size choices of 0-25lbs, 25-75lbs and 50-125lbs and a great colour range and they are for those that don’t mind paying a bit more to get a very good quality and well designed product that will last them much longer. They are 100% made in Denver, Colorado- USA- not China if that is important to you and is offered with a two year repair and replacement warranty which is considered to be the best in the industry for such items that includes 30 day money back guarantee and this warranty alone is enough proof of their durability and you will get great customer support as well.

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